Agendas – Lectures – Tutorials

PDF tutorials by Prof. Paul C. King unless otherwise noted
**Video Tutorials by Prof. Severino Alfonso Dunn unless otherwise noted
***PDF Tutorials by Prof. Jieun Yang
Day 01 Intro-, Team Up & Project Selection Agenda
Schedule Template Blank  Word Template
Day 02 Project & Site  Analysis Agenda
OpenLab: Create Your Account Handout
 OpenLab: Join Class & Team Sites & Set User Roles Handout
OpenLab: Using a Theme Handout
 OpenLab: Adding Links Handout
OpenLab: Adding Posts & Using Categories Handout
.OpenLab: Filtering Post Categories Handout
 OpenLab: Creating Pages Handout
 OpenLab: Working with Menus Handout
Day 03 In Class Research:
Project Analysis & Case Study
Exterior Wall Systems Checklist
Springer Curtain Wall Types PDF Materials & Systems types-of-masonry-walls
Exterior Wall Cladding Stone Panel Cladding
Exterior Wall Cladding
Day 04 Team Presentations: Building Analysis & Case Study Agenda
AR.2330.BTECH3 Presentation 1 Rubric Rubric
Day 05  Zoning and Building Code Intro Agenda
Zoning and Building Code Introduction Agenda
Zoning Definitions Lecture Lecture
Zoning Tutorial PDF Tutorial
Zoning zd1_guide Reference
Zoning & Autocad Flatshot PDF Tutorial
Zoning Analysis Steps PDF Tutorial
Zoning Analysis Steps PDF Tutorial
Day 05 Links Link
Zoning Map 12d Link
Reading the Zoning Map Link
Zoning Handbook C6-4 Link
Digital Tax Map Link
City Planning Department Link
NYC Building Department Link
NYC Zoning Text Link
Worksheets Worksheet Instructions
Autocad Template File is located on the S: Drive Course Subfolder
Setbacks & FAR #1
Setbacks & FAR #2
Setbacks & FAR #3
Setbacks & FAR #4
Setbacks & OSR #1
Setbacks & OSR #2
Setbacks & OSR #3
Setbacks & OSR #4
3d Sketch Isometric
Day 06  Zoning Calculations & Envelope Agenda
Zoning Text Research
Day 07 Egress Occupancy & Space Layout Agenda
Egress & Building Codes Lecture
Occupancy and Egress Exercise Exercise
NYC Codes Homepage Link
Chapter 5 – Heights – Areas – Separation of Occupancies
Day 08 Team Presentations: Day 1
Project  Zoning
Day 09  Team Presentations: Day 2
Project  Zoning
Autodesk Revit Software Download Link
Day 10 Intro to BIM/Revit – Day 1
Scavenger Hunt Begins
Scavenger Hunt Introduction Tutorial
Scavenger Hunt Annotation Tutorial
Instructions: Download this file and remove the ppt extension so the file ends with .rvt
Revit version 2014
Revit File
day01.rac_basic_sample_project R16.rvt
Instructions: Download this file and remove the ppt extension so the file ends with .rvt
Revit version 2016
Revit File
Instructions: Download this file and remove the ppt extension so the file ends with .rvt
Revit version 2017
 Revit File
Revit Printing & Scavenger Hunt Annotation Agenda
Day 11 Intro to BIM/Revit – Day 2
Pinup -Scavenger Hunt (Red-mark)
Day 12 Individual Project Drawings Begin
Grids & Levels
Project Location – Grids & Levels Tutorial
 Grids & Levels #2 Tutorial
Grids Handout Handout
Project North Rotation & Sheet Layout Tutorial
Day 13 Foundations & Floors Agenda
Concrete Foundations – Slab on Grade Tutorial
Firehouse Foundations Slab on Grade Tutorial
Splitting and Offsetting a Foundation Wall Tutorial
Day 14 Building Structure
Columns, Beams and Trusses
Concrete Beams and Slabs Tutorial
Steel Columns, Beams and Trusses Tutorial
Day 15 Vertical Systems:
Cores, Elevators, Stairs
Mechanical shafts-Plumbing chases
Elevators Tutorial Tutorial
The-Code-Corner-No.-38-Elevators.pdf Reference
Core Development Examples
07.2 Stairs & Egress Lecture
07.1 Cores & Stairs Lecture
05 Plans & Egress Lecture
Day 16 Walls & Doors
Fire Ratings, Egress & Codes
Use Filters to Color Code Walls by Fire Rating
Day 17 Door Schedules, Partitions & Door Types
Detail Development
Partition Types Lecture Lecture
Day 18 Individual Materials Presentations:
Case Study Research of Building Envelopes
Day 19 Roof Plans: Drainage & Details Agenda
Roofs by Footprint and Extrusion Tutorial
Day 20 Drawing Coordination:
Keys, Annotations & Dimensions
Day 21 Facade Development:
Windows & Curtain Walls
Curtain Walls Tutorial
Day 22 Facade Development:
Masonry Walls
Masonry Wall w/Reveals & Sweeps
Reveal Video  Video Tutorial
Day 23 Facade Development:
Precast Panel Systems
Precast Panels Tutorial
Day 24 Individual Presentations:
Wall Section Pinup & Red-marks
Day 25 Reflected Ceiling Plans:
Mechanical & Lighting Systems Integration
Counters-Cabinets & RCP
Day 26 Space Layout:
Enlarged Plans-Interior Elevations
Day 27 Detail Development: Facade
Sections, Plans,Elevations & Isometrics
Day 28 Detail Development: Facade
Sections, Plans,Elevations & Isometrics
Day 29 Individual Final Presentations:
Day 1 –¬†Grouped by teams:
Day 30 Individual Final Presentations:
Day 2¬†–¬†Grouped by teams:
Perspective & Animation

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