Color Coding Reminder

Remember to color code your details in your PowerPoint presentation and you must include your research here.

Green = Structure
Blue = Waterproofing
Orange = Thermal
Red = Fire Stopping

Some items can be in more than one category so you may need to show the same detail more than once. You might though be able to show structure on one image and then Water/Thermal/Fire on a second.

Remember that you need to show the three related views PLAN/SECTION/ELEVATION all at the same scale.

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Plotting Resources

Plotting and printing are severely compromised because of the college budgeting concerns.  Supplies are ordered, but may not reach the department in time for finals.

Please utilize digital presentation tools where possible.

The Tech Team can assist you with a projector on a rolling cart for presentations if you give some advance notice.Send a note to Emmanuel Joseph

The following is the list of printers and plotters that were tested and confirmed working as of Wednesday 5/17 (more are expected to go online as parts and material arrive):


  • HP-4500-Plotter-D¬† — plotter
  • FabLab-Color2 ¬†¬† —- color printer
  • FabLab-B&W ¬† — black & white

**Local Alternatives**


55 Washington Street, Suite 461

Call Junior at 212-714-2227 X150 for any additional questions

  • Take a USB stick with files to Esteban Printing
  • Printing from PDF preferred. (jpeg/tiff ok)
  • 1 file x 1 set at any size black & white $ 5.00 cash only
  • Any additional copy $1.00 each
  • Color 11×17 $.50 ea.
  • No large format color printing at this location.



193 Joralemon Street

Call 718-875-0696

  • Please use this promo code PRINTBK for students
  • Color 11×17 $.58 ea.
  • Large format color plotting
    • 24×36 $9.00 ea.
    • 30×42 $13.50 ea.
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Plotting Notes:  You must upload your power-point and a PDF of you full size details sheets by midnight the evening before your presentation.  Plot the 11 x 17 full set by Friday of this week.  Bind it in order (its ok that your detail sheet will get updated after you print Рyou do not need to replace it.)  You need to have full size plots posted in the corridor.  There is limited ink and plotter access so you may need to plot using external plotters $$$

Upload Notes:  Upload your PowerPoint alone.  Only 1 team mate needs to upload the group work.  You can combine the PowerPoint together or you can have them as separate files provided they are all uploaded on time.   I will download these files and you will be required to use the PowerPoint you uploaded Рno switching.

Monday May 22 (830 – 1130) (upload by midnight the 21st)

  1. Corey, Kenny, JP & Darwin
  2. Bezai, Wantony, David & Kevin
  3. Taylor & Albina

Monday May 22 (230 Р530) (upload by noon the 22nd)

  1. Rahma, Diego & Sky
  2. Francis, Danielle, Tingting, Fareez
  3. Laurin & Taisha

Wednesday May 24th (230 Р530) (upload by noon the 24th)

  1. Dominique & Daria
  2. Lisette & Jean Carlos
  3. Radedeesha & Warren

Thursday May 25th (830 Р1130) (upload by midnight the 24th)

  1. Blaiberg & Jergorz
  2. Carolina, Giselle & Carlos
  3. Nydia & Joshua
  4. Freddy, Stephon & Eduardo


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Good research tool for aluminum panel facade


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Stone Panel Research

StoneClip Installation

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Deadline Reminder – Final Submission

The final submission of your drawing set is due on Sunday May 14th at midnight. There is no second submission.

This is a complete set uploaded to blackboard along with your revit file. The only sheets not required to be completed are your detail sheets showing the wall sections of your exterior walls.

On Monday be prepared to work on mapping out your final powerpoint presentation and your details.

Remember what I have said all semester. To develop details you need to show PLAN, SECTION & ELEVATION (3 coordinated views) in your details all at the same scale.

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Most of your views should show as hidden line – not in color. The one exception is the RCP that shows the color coded plan for rated walls.

If you wish to use color on the cover page or the sheet of perspectives that is permitted.

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Final Drawings List for Sunday May 14 Deadline

List of Drawings – Final Presentation as a PDF

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Template for Final Presentation



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