Plotting Notes:  You must upload your power-point and a PDF of you full size details sheets by midnight the evening before your presentation.  Plot the 11 x 17 full set by Friday of this week.  Bind it in order (its ok that your detail sheet will get updated after you print – you do not need to replace it.)  You need to have full size plots posted in the corridor.  There is limited ink and plotter access so you may need to plot using external plotters $$$

Upload Notes:  Upload your PowerPoint alone.  Only 1 team mate needs to upload the group work.  You can combine the PowerPoint together or you can have them as separate files provided they are all uploaded on time.   I will download these files and you will be required to use the PowerPoint you uploaded – no switching.

Monday May 22 (830 – 1130) (upload by midnight the 21st)

  1. Corey, Kenny, JP & Darwin
  2. Bezai, Wantony, David & Kevin
  3. Taylor & Albina

Monday May 22 (230 – 530) (upload by noon the 22nd)

  1. Rahma, Diego & Sky
  2. Francis, Danielle, Tingting, Fareez
  3. Laurin & Taisha

Wednesday May 24th (230 – 530) (upload by noon the 24th)

  1. Dominique & Daria
  2. Lisette & Jean Carlos
  3. Radedeesha & Warren

Thursday May 25th (830 – 1130) (upload by midnight the 24th)

  1. Blaiberg & Jergorz
  2. Carolina, Giselle & Carlos
  3. Nydia & Joshua
  4. Freddy, Stephon & Eduardo


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