HUS questions: chapters 2 and 3

chapter 2

1. The techniques and solutions used to aid in the well being of clients who were distressed is very different then now. For example people who were mentally ill were considered to be caused by demons and evil spirits. To get rid of evil spirits holes were cut in the heads of the mentally ill; and the whole was where the evil spirits would be released from.

2. The evolution of the human well beings services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and societ has changed drastically. Before the catholic church was responsible for providing human service care. Religious figuires such as st.thomas aquinas etc were one of the first human service professionals. Now people need to go to school and earn degrees to be considered a human service professional.

3. Obamas cares mission is to aid the well being of americans by providing health care that many people can afford. This will end with less deaths in the future due to people being able to get the health care that they need to get, which is something that they once couldnt getcall nor afford.

4. Social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well being of clients and society, for example those who suported socail darwinism called for the repeal of poor laws and insead support the human services.

5. The mental health movement promoted the well being of clients/society because those with mental issues would have good health due to everything sent to be delt by the state. Soon a seperation between those with mental issues and those with disablities.

6. The human service movement promoted the well being of clients/societ because a group was formed, which is now known as the mental health association. This group aims for the improvement of mental hospitals, arouse public concern and prevent disease.

7. Entitlement benefits promote the well being of individuals and society, because they make life easier for those who cant make means. Money being a issue in todays society; benefits make a huge difference in a positive way.

8. Legislation promotes the well being on  indivduals and society, for example the medicare prescription drug, improvement, and modernization act was passed to provide out patient prescription drug benefits for people on medicare.

chapter 3

1. The trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a clients well being. Technology is being expanded to help clients directly and indirectly. Being used in the areas of communication, information management, service delivery and professional development.

2. Techonlogy can promote well being in professional development for human  service workers and ultimately clients. Development in techonlogy is dynamic and continued to change in ways that are not normal.

3. Manage care is when information from a variety of sources and places, then organized the data into decision making a planning. This promotes client well being because service costs can be taken cared of. Insuring that the clients most times dont have to pay for the services that they recieve.

4. The limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well being are that setting limtations can mean that the client isnt getting the full extent of service that they should be getting. Therfore the well being of the client can be affected in negative ways since the client is not being given all services that are needed for that client.

5. Service delivery is they way the professional or human service worker will provide all the help and optinions that the client might and will need. This promotes well being because the client is given the best things that the client needs.

6. Human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well being of specific populations because it is important as a human service worker to be very diverse. A human service worker should not only be able to work with one type of groups but many.

7. Throughout the world many issues are happening causing people to suffer. Such as terrorism. Something hindering most people becuase of the fear that is put int he hearts of many. Ever since september 9 2001, the day many lives were lost. People fear an event like that might happen again.

8. The concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well being because a human service worker can help a client to a certain extent. Not doing everything for the client and making sure to learn to do things on their own is showing progress. This leads to the client becoming self sufficent and not having to always depend on other people to get things done.

9. Cultural competency can promote well being because it can help the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures andd different beliefs other than one’s own, based on various factors.