My response to ” How Happy are You ? ” article

After reading the article I gotta say adding just a few questions about happiness to a census is not a bad idea. Just like Dr. Gilbert said , “It costs nothing to add some questions about happiness “. So why not do it ! Not only would it benefit the people in Somerville , for example a person would already feel happy knowing their government is interested in knowing wether they are happy with conditions and policies in their town , but it would benefit the government to have a better understanding and knowledge on what should be improved . Now in days people just don’t care about things like voting and participating on political events or even trying to at least find out whats going on in the world they live in. In my opinion adding happiness to the census would bring more citizens to actually fill out a census and really pay attention on filling it out and not just breeze through it just to get it over with. Everyone deserves to be happy where they live and changing the census give people that opportunity and gives them a voice as well.