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Project 4: Compositions

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My favorite color is red, the vibrant hue makes it go well with anything from clothing to interior designing. After researching the color red I found out that its characteristics were daring, determined, energetic, and aggressive. For its social & cultural meanings red is among the most powerful colors in Indian culture and has various important meanings. To list some of them are, fear/fire, wealth/power, power, seduction, and beauty. I chose it because it has been my go to color since I was a toddler. 

Project 4 : Color your selfie |step 3 -develop

What I choose from the color wheel was printed as blue-green. Which is turquoise, to make this color you’d have to mix blue and green. Blue represents calm, the sea, freedom, sensitivity and other meanings of depth. As the color green  means growth , harmony, freshness and environment. Having the characteristics of the two colors that make up turquoise they sort of intertwine making turquoise mean communication , energy, wisdom, wholeness. emotional balance.  Turquoise was an important color back then to the Native Americans, they often made mention to it as the “stone of life” . I chose this color because as a little girl I always chose this color instead of blue or green because I felt like it popped out more. This color also reminds me of when I am at the beach in the Dominican Republic and people are walking around selling necklaces that had a turquoise colored stone.

History of Green “Step 3- Develop”

The color green to many people is not a color, but in fact a symbolic representation of life, purity, ecology, luck, and rebirth. Green is universally associated with nature and many people believe that it has a higher meaning and place. In many Muslim countries, many believe that green means green man: symbol of fertility. Green not only gives people the understanding of life and nature, but also grants people luck. The reason why I chose the color green for this project was because it represents hope and a healthy life for me. It has always been one of my favorite colors since I was a child and I believe that it brings our nature together as a whole collective. All throughout the world many countries think the color green represents impurity, luck, and bad news. Many people all have their own understanding of the color green, but to me it sticks because it has gave me the idea of hope and believing. Green also represents my personality a lot because the idea of being lucky throughout my neighborhood is scarce. Many people in my area don’t finish high school or attend college. I was lucky enough because through perseverance and hard work I made it to where I’m today. Green is not only a color, but a universal representation of life.

Description of Blue

The color blue is one of the three primary colors of pigments in paint, traditional color theory, and the RGB color model. It lies between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. Blue can be found in nature such as the water and sky but is rarely found in fruits or vegetables. Most shades of blue convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding but in American culture, it is a symbol of depression. The color blue could be also used to express cold, wet or slowness. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body because it has a very calming effect and slows human metabolism. I chose this color because it is my favorite color. I feel like the color blue matches my personality because I am a very mellow person.

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