Project 4 : Color your selfie |step 3 -develop

What I choose from the color wheel was printed as blue-green. Which is turquoise, to make this color you’d have to mix blue and green. Blue represents calm, the sea, freedom, sensitivity and other meanings of depth. As the color green  means growth , harmony, freshness and environment. Having the characteristics of the two colors that make up turquoise they sort of intertwine making turquoise mean communication , energy, wisdom, wholeness. emotional balance.  Turquoise was an important color back then to the Native Americans, they often made mention to it as the “stone of life” . I chose this color because as a little girl I always chose this color instead of blue or green because I felt like it popped out more. This color also reminds me of when I am at the beach in the Dominican Republic and people are walking around selling necklaces that had a turquoise colored stone.

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