Field trip response by Aubrina Halley



Professor Halleck: Math 1175

The field trip to the brooklyn bridge was informative and almost relaxing. The sun on bridge though was really hot, and humid. A lot of students including me, were sweating and perspiring. There were a lot of bikers on the bridge, whom possibly were riding across the entire bridge.The walk from city tech to the beginning bridge seem long, but it was a short distance. It only seem so probably because of the son.    

To walk from city tech to the bridge took close to a hour, or some more than half-hour, like 40 mins. More time was spent walking the bridge also because of the many stops. It took less time to get back to the college, about 20 mins. I didn’t like how aggresive the bikers were, they were rude and trying to run over us students. But I like the interaction with the other class, and scenic view, especially of the water.

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