Field Trip Response by Kiana Gardiner

Estimate the length ( wooden plank) to Brooklyn Bridge

A. City Tech block: 1 minute 31 seconds = 91 seconds

Lenth of Bridge: 30 minutes = 1800 seconds

B. (Distance walked/time taken) x (x/ length of bridge)

(320/91) x (x/1800)

x= 6,329 feet

                                                                 Hello, my name is Kiana Gardiner.  View 2011-09-1...jpg in slide showAlthough I am a New Yorker, this was my second time walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I enjoyed looking at the various scenery such as the water, the Pier, and the structures of the buildings behind me. This was the perfect day to take a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. The sun was shining so strong and bright, the sky was clear, and the air was humid.

        The construction of the bridge ruined the beauty of the bridge. I think we took this trip as a part of the class, so we could learn that everything involves mathematics in a way. Also, to learn that learning math is not jst about sitting in a classroom listening to the professor lecture, but can be fun as well. I learned that peaceful environments can soothe the mind as well as the body. I also learned that not only was this a good excercise, but it allowed me to meet new poeple.

Estimate the length of the Brooklyn Bridge: 6,329 feet

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