Field Trip response by Walter Sol Jr

The trip…overall it was a great experience. It gave me the chance to walk the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time ever.This bridge definitely had some of the nicest views. It was a great exercise for students I guess. Anything beats staying inside a classroom for an hour and 15mins.

Some that stood out would have to be the construction work on that bridge. It takes a lot of maintenance work just to keep that bridge up and running. I think that took away a tad from the whole view on that bridge. I still don’t get why it was mandatory to show up to this class trip if I could of easily googled the distance. I’m pretty sure there are some curious minds out there that did the math for us out there. lol but again, anything beats staying in a classroom and doing real math work. =)

City Tech Block: 2mins 40sec = 170sec

Brooklyn Bridge: 17mins 10sec= 1,030sec




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