Hw #4

Food is the most important thing in our  life.Without it, the living organisms could not function. For many people, food is also an described pleasure, ritual that accompanies mankind since its inception.Our life, faith, tradition for centuries, focused around food and the table.Nowadays, we often forget that eating meals is a ritual, part of the tradition.
The table has always been a place to meet, talk, exchange ideas. Common supper, not only on holidays, was the basis for the functioning of many families,regardless of their social status. Now rigid working hours each of the household often do not allow for the survival of the common. Often meals are eaten quickly and without having to pay attention to what you like. However, I think food brings people together. Tradition dictates eating meals together with your loved ones, these daily and receptions suchus wedding ,communion, birthdays etc. I used to work as a server in catering company and I noticed that food can communicate status at parties especially weddings. People like to show off , spent a lot of money. Many people forgot what is the purpose of this kinds of events. It’s not about how much money you spent it’s all about how wonderful time you can have with your relatives.People should not give up so so simple and meaningful traditions , it gives you the ability to create close relationships with people.


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Homework 4

imageThe short clip showed just how much power and riches one man had.His servants had to do everything single thing perfect for him.The King had over 18 courses and turn down pork for a hard boil egg.Food is the one that connects people daily. Whether it be sitting and having Sunday dinner , thanksgiving, weddings or birthdays food speaks to everyone.Food can make a social statement depending on the quality and presentation because even the simplest foods can stand out, (take the hard boiled egg in the short expert) .A social statement also doesn’t mean that one must be rich and able to afford expensive food , even growing your own food can make a statement.

HW 4: Food and Status in History

I believe food has become a significant part of people’s lives and it helps in bringing them together. Food promotes diversity and tolerance because it is a universal language that brings all different cultures close. Therefore, dining is an important part of any event such as weddings, birthday celebrations, business meetings, and even everyday family dinners. Especially nowadays, it has become a tradition that gives us the opportunity to gather, share, connect with other people and present ourselves to them over food. The preparation of food also helps bring people together and it is often one of the traditional experiences that bind family generations together.image

Homework #4 Food welcomes you!

From before time and after food has always been a welcoming to everyone from poor to middle class and to rich food brings people together. Food shows significant signs after watching the video of king Louie  I was actually stun seeing how many things were brought to him from his people and the manner it was given. It showed me that food can be given in royal ways and also in my experience in an Arab cultural way you will receive an invitation to a person home for a welcoming and food will be serve with love passion and sweat  because the person who would make it wants your first experience at there home the best experience. Food that would be serve to guest in a Arab house held would be Maqluba which is a type of rice with potatoes noodles and lamb all in one big plate served in the middle of the dinning table. Other foods that can be done would be when someone invites you over for breakfast which would be a bunch of small portions given out in one giant tray served to everyone on the guest table. Once again food is an international word for welcome and will continue to mean welcome till there’s no more of it. Petra_metzes

Homework #4

imageIn today’s society, the food one eats can communicate status. If one can afford to eat at high end restaurants, then one is indirectly saying to others that they are financially well off. For example, If I were invited to a gathering and were served caviar, I’d know that who ever is hosting has suffiecent funds to be able to supply this costly food. I view caviar as a sign of social significance. Caviar isn’t necessarily a food for those who are well off, but because I come from a background that doesn’t eat foods like this, I categorize it as so. I’m sure the king in the expert was served Caviar at some point. While watching the short clip, I noticed how many servants he had, which is completely absurd. However, many would agree that someone with such ranking should be served as he did. Food has always, and will always, communicate status.

Food makes multiple statements

Food is what brings any and everyone together. Food is used to celebrate big events such as weddings or holidays to everyday gatherings with your family for dinner. Food communicates texture, taste & smell. Food has a significance for even small things. I’m sure in each culture there is a special food you eat on a certain holiday or certain time of year. When people have parties or events is usually when you can see a person’s social status. The type of food a person chooses to have at their event and how much food they have definitely gives a social statement. Food can affect the mood for people. I know when I think of food it makes me smile and happy. This was a delicious salmon I had with a mixed green salad & pineapple salsa.



Ahmet D. Homework #4

Food is an important part of any celebration for everyone, not only main events that we all hear about, more small everyday family and friend celebrations. Nowadays, everyone goes out to have dinner to have fun like trying new chefs, new cuisines, new fusion kitchens. Also all the weddings, holiday dinners, conference dinners, business dinners are the different way the present yourself and connect with others. I believe food brings people together.



HW #4

After watching the video i noticed it took a significant amount of people to serve the king. In the kitchen it took a lot of people to prep the 3 course meal. Every single piece of food was well thought out for the king before serving him.  Every occasion has its own significant food that you can relate it to and determine your status. For example for Thanksgiving depending on how much food you have on the table can communicate how wealthy you are. The more choices you have o pick from shows you are well off and vice versa.


homework #4

Food is almost in every single major event. You can’t have fun without eating something during that time. In the video about the king it took too many to count to serve him. It took 2 people for about five minutes to just get the music going. During my years I have noticed how food can really communicate a status especially at a wedding. A wedding is to some people the most important part of your life there for the cake has to be one of the most important choices that you make. This cake shows how food can communicate with the guests that see it. It shows character and creativity a cake that is so funny for your wedding.


wedding cake

Cheyenne Acosta: If your cake isn’t 10 feet tall, you can’t sit with us.

That excerpt was amazing to watch. So many people needed to put together a 3 course meal for one person! Just handing the King his bread took 3 people to pass it down. That was unnecessary. Well, in our society I think a good example of measuring status by food is at weddings. I’m in the middle of planning my own December wedding, so this is the first thing that popped into my head! I think the height of a wedding cake is a very good count of status. The bigger/higher the wedding cake equates to the number of guests you have. The more people at your wedding, the more well-known you are. I mean, that’s the general idea. For example, I recently came across an article of a famous Hong Kong singer/actress by the name of Angela Yeung having a $31 million wedding! Her cake had a carousel in it! A carousel! Yeung had 2,000 guests! I don’t know that many people. She beat out even Kim Kardashian’s wedding! While I’ll probably only have a wedding cake that’s a foot tall because I’ll only have about 30 guests. So, I can conclude that your wedding cake height is equal to your status in society.


Lavish: Actress, singer and model, Angelababy, married leading actor Huang Xiaoming, in an elaborate wedding in Shanghai last week