Food can set the mood for any occasion. Usually it puts people in a very good mood.  Who doesn’t like to eat?? Cakes are one hot item that can set the mood for many occasions. Who doesn’t love cake, especially when its decorated for the occasion on hand. Cakes are usually the center piece of every occasion. Weddings, birthdays, business related, bridal showers, promotions. Cakes are one item worth celebrating for.




Reminder: Midterm on Monday Oct 26, 2015 at 11:30 am

"Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late." — William Shakespeare

“Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.” — William Shakespeare

This is a reminder that the midterm is on Monday October 26th at 11:30 am in class. Please be on time. The midterm is keyed to images, once the exam begins, please do not expect the class to re-start the exam if you walk in very late.

Because there were numerous absences last Monday for an important class on Alfred Stieglitz and his organization the Photo-Secession and Pictorialism to Straight Photography, I recommend that you watch 35 min of The Eloquent Eye, a documentary on Stieglitz. If you missed the last class, you should get notes from classmates that cover the review too.

Come early! Don’t forget to review the images from the midterm short list (download from this page), as well as the vocabulary words and terms from earlier slide lists. The exam format and image files are also uploaded under ARTH Class Files on the class website. If you need a reminder of the exam format, please look at it here. There are 4 parts and as noted, part IV — terminology is on processes. You should know basic definitions of the early photographic processes from the early photogenic drawing to gum bichromate process, and be able to discuss basic characteristics (i.e., know that a daguerreotype is a photograph on a metal plate) and their advantages and disadvantages (i.e., i.e., a daguerreotype offers sharp details but is a unique image). To accompany each of your definitions, you must also cite an example of that process.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Most importantly, ARRIVE ON TIME Monday!

PS Don’t forget Homework #4 (due midnight 10/26)

Homework #4

So many people to serve one man dinner. Every detail was planned out and each one of those details were delegated to a different person. Having that many servants is an obvious sign of the level of power the king has.

In our time servants and food are still a communication status, as well as a feeling. In a social environment things like lobster, caviar and steak are representations of the rich, whereas burgers and fried chicken are more for people in the ghetto. This is something that is based on not only by price and quality but society.

When a person wants to have a party and show off what they have or give off an impression of status, food is simple way representing that. Having a special event with the right setting at a hall or some sort of venue, the food offered is a representation of yourself. You are hand picking what you want to offer others and to show them the quality of life you enjoy. Would you like for people to see you as the filet mignon person or the burger and fries person?



Homework 3-Texture

imageTexture in food is the second most important thing about a dish besides taste.Texture is everything when it comes to appearance.You see the dish you are about to eat and you hope it will be soft, moist , crunchy, however that specific item should taste.If the texture is wrong ,so is the taste of the dish.For instance this salmon dish , it had the perfect texture.It wasn’t hard,it had the right color and flavor to go along with it.The vegetables ontop just added more color and height to it.

Homework # 3

Texture is very important when taking a photograph of food . Without texture to an object the object just seems bland. In this picture of just an ordinary corn on a comb someone wouldn’t see he many textures just one object has . The texture of corn is great  because its everything you would think of off the top of your head . In your hand its grainy full of edges and spaces in between. As you bite in the corn the texture is soft and you feel a release of juices  and you look at the corn It looks like a bright yellow tooth. All of this shows you how simple something as corn can be defined thoroughly through texture .textue11

HW #3 Photographing the Texture of Food

One of the first things that you should consider when you shoot the food is that beauty is in the details.Texture plays very important rule in food photography.It impact the way food looks or tastes. I think that,People are incredibly sensitive to texture.What can texture do for a food photo? Texture can do a lot for a food photo. When we look a t food pictures. A textured background can be an important element of the overall image in food photography.Texture can enhance the quality of the image, provide it with a feeling of age, and make it interesting.

12033657_1048446605180098_1838375381_n (1)

Homework #3

Texture in foods are varied; different foods have different texture, some are soft, some are hard and some are in between. I guess texture is a big part of cooking because you have to cook different things in many different ways to get them to the right texture for eating. I frankly don’t enjoy soft, mushy foods…if something gets too soft in my mouth while chewing I throw up (weird)…I’m so not looking forward to getting old because I don’t think I would like eating mushy foods. This past weekend I baked and iced cupcakes for the first time in my life (Yay me). The cupcake itself was soft, spongy and moist. The buttercream icing was silky smooth and sweet, the sugar and sprinkles gave the dessert a little crunch. Here’s a look at my delicious cupcakes. 🙂


Ahmet D. Homework #3

When the texture of food comes out, there are color, size, presentation, taste and so many other things. Texture of food reminds me a eggplant all the time, eggplant can be used for the most rich dishes, it taste very rich when it cooks. People usually put some salt on it before they cook it to lower the amount of fat absorb during cooking. A couple weeks ago, me and my classmates prepared an eggplant dish, and I’ve heard from some students that they never liked the eggplant before. Once we finished the cooking, it was the time for tasting. All the dishes looked very tasty. We all tasted our dish and everybody liked it. The taste, the feeling in the mouth, the presentation was perfect.



Pancakes & Fruit

Texture is very important when taking pictures of food. Without texture the picture seems to be very plain and doesn’t give it a realistic look.Some of the best photographers add texture to there photos. In the picture below is mu breakfast and I added some extras on the plate to get some texture. I added the syrup and that is what really gives the picture some texture. It looks as if the syrup is 3D. The small detail I added with the strawberries overlapping each other also gives the picture some more texture. Placing a pineapple in the background gives the photo some dimension to it as well. FullSizeRender (1)