Homework 10

The musicians request seems weird and normal at the same time.What really makes it interesting is how he manuiplates the photos to keep the viewers imagining the type of artist these celebrities are.One photo that made me think more was the two bags of corn starch.The way the slit to open it was toward the bottom and some leaked out onto the table, that would make a view visual other things than cornstarch.Another thing that was shocking was the framed picture of Princess Diana.It really just made me wonder if she thinks of herself as a princess before she performs.The only other thing that really surprised me was that you would think singers need water, or some tea with honey or orange juice and those weren’t request at all.I respect that they want real food like juicy backed chicken seasoned instead of a Caesar salad with grill chicken.After a long night of performing one could only hope for something that satisfies there taste buds.

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