Homework 10

The photographer Henry Hargreaves has a great eye to capture photos. A majority of celebrities have very strong strange request while there on the road. The photos taken by Henry all look amazing and have a black background making everything in the photo pop more. One photo I really enjoy is the photo of the jack Daniels. The colors are popping from the glass making the alcohol look more appealing with the dark background. Most of the request that these musicians asked for were a little out of line and were all captured in an amazing way.

Homework #10 (last one!): What do Rock Stars eat behind stage? Reply

The more I scrolled down the more I laughed not because I was mocking these idols but because have of these things I can relate to. We all have our craving, though Busta Rhymes is a lil creepy, I don’t want to know why he would need condoms while eating, but that’s what calms him down. These are their comfort foods. Their childhood favorite, even something they can’t have on a regular basis and now a GOLDEN door of opportunity has opened up for them. Foo Fighters is one that really had me crying, because just looking at something like that I feel sorry for those “self-conscious” men out there.

HW 10: Backstage Riders

Henry Hargreaves’s photo series is truly interesting work that requires a big thought and/or effort to it. I love the way photographs are set up, the arrangement reminds me of a still life commercial or editorial. There is a great sharp contrast between a dark background and the subject in every shot. I agree with the photographer, these works do offer us a glimse into the celebrities’ lives and portray the famous musicians’ personalities. Every performer’s decription is very specific, which make them all different so we can actually identify some of these people. I also have noticed that the foods celebrities request are quite unhealthy. It must be some kind of comfort foods that help them ease the nerves before performing.

Homework #10 special request from backstage!!!

After reading the article I find it hilarious and also ridiculous to see what celebrities ask for backstage when it comes to the special food that they requested. When you see what these celebrities eat backstage it is true that you can also see there personality as well which is not a surprise for some of them. after seeing what these celebrities were having some were shocking and should be embarrassing as well to order what they wanted. My favorite one of them all was seeing what busta rhymes have requested for backstage which was ” twenty-four pieces of fried chicken, Rough rider condoms, Guinness”. Now I have to say that is one ghetto requested but well expected from the street rapper with a new York attitude as well in it. Another order that I have expected was from BeyoncĂ© which was ” Juicy baked chicken, heavily seasoned: garlic, sea salt, black pepper,  and cayenne pepper. and to top it all of BeyoncĂ© only can have Pepsi products”. This makes clear sense since growing up I’ve seen BeyoncĂ© in tons of Pepsi commercial. Now this is what I call a backstage request from celebrities showing there real selves.

HW 9: Robert Frank

I think that Robert Frank’s photographs are artistic. They are some sort of a metaphor of the relationship between one individual and whole nation. To him, artistic is simple. In his works, Frank tries to bring out the idea of one person being a buidling block of the society and how one could relate to a country as a whole. His themes consist of ordinary and lonely people, politics and religion. Robert Frank’s goal is to figure out what the world is like so he uses the photography to share his personal vision with others.

Homework #10 (last one!): What do Rock Stars eat behind stage?

Henry Hargreaves, Rihanna’s backstage request for “hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, at any time through out the day” from petapixel.com

Henry Hargreaves, Rihanna’s backstage request for “hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, at any time through out the day” from petapixel.com

After last month’s “egg photos” for your  presentations, I thought you would like to share your thoughts on these still life photographs of unusual requests made by musicians when they go on tour. When musicians perform at major concerts, their contracts include riders that outline what they need to have backstage. These riders often feature requests for food such as Lady Gaga’s request for a “small plate of cheese (nonsmelly, nonsweaty), on ice.” The photographer Henry Hargreaves with the help of a stylist produced photographs in the style of Flemish still life painting, a genre that emerged in seventeenth-century Netherlands. The photographs are stylish and give viewers a peek into the personalities (and quirks!) of different musicians. Read the article on Hargreaves’ Band Riders photo series and share what you think of his pictures.

Read about Henry Hargreaves “Band Riders” photo series here.

You can see the entire “Band Riders” series on the photographer’s website (he has also photographed ‘deep-fried’ gadgets like iPads).

Please submit your posts by Monday, December 21st (Day of the Final Exam!). 

Homework #9 Robert Frank

After viewing Robert frank photo during the video that was shown it was clear to me that there were some artistic views in his eyes that he have seen however it didn’t amazed me. For a man who is Jewish from Switzerland he has never seen anything like this when he got to America seeing separation though color of race  amazed him only seeing the same color race in Switzerland during his time. The picture he have taken were normal photos to me that any one would of taken. What I do find fascinating is the meaning and purpose on why Robert frank would take these photos of blacks and whites who are separated from society where it shows a sign of confusion not for the people who are looking at his photograph but for the people who are in it where there was one photo of a black woman holding a white baby girl which showed to me and also to Robert frank what he wanted his viewers to know were if they trust a black woman with there baby then it doesn’t make sense for them not to sit next to each other on the same bus or restaurant and also school. This was the confusion that got to me which I found fascinating for him to go deeper in to the meaning of separation though color in America.

Homework # 9

Robert Frank photographs are artistic in my point of view. The photos are very simple but what makes them artistic is the way they all have a deeper meaning to themselves. Robert Frank gave us a view of what America was like in the 1950s, an America that citizens of the nation weren’t ready to believe was there’s. He took many photos of segregation and showed a lot of unseen point of views. Robert frank did a great job showing his work in a way that made someone have to expand his mind in order to understand it. He made his art beautiful but only if you understand what his art really is.

hw # 9 Robert Frank


Stefania Koziolek

hw #9

“The Americans “by Robert Frank is regarded as one of the most influential photographic project of the 20th century.It consisted of 83 black photographs from his journey which showed a different America.When I first saw work from “The Americans “ I could make no sense of it. It wasn not artistic at all. It showed view of American society. How American people used to see themselves in their country. Frank’s subjects weren’t necessarily living the American dream of the 1950s: They were factory workers, black passengers in the trains. Making a bold attempt to indicate the direction in which America is heading in the second half of the 1950s, Frank goes beyond the traditional canons of photographic documentation. On the pages of the album draws a portrait of two-faced photographer of the American public. Economic growth, consumerism and higher demographic, which in America became the foundations for the shallow optimism of the Decade of the 1950s, have been compiled with images of past bitter face of America. Rising social tensions, the collapse of authority figures and national symbols, as well as departure from the Christian values-this turned out to be the fate of America in the 1960s, in which Frank tried to warn people.In my opinion it is not really artistic. However, I like them. We can see how much America changed since that time. Franks’ photographs photograph’s has inspired a lot of photographers across all genres.

hw #8

Before I read article „ Robert Capa: In Love and War” I was confused if  the photo being staged or real. His argumentsconvicted me that this photograph is not staged.In my opinion it was not staged but However , I think Robert Capa knew the decisive moment. . I find the arguments convincing that this photograph is not fake.First of all , The way the character in the picture is seen falling makes sense as if he was getting shot in the back. His pose looks like he got shotThe only problem that makes me a little suspicious is the background in this picture, which look very calm. It doesn’t look like war background From the beginning  the photo of a soldier’s death aroused controversy. This photo shows the heroic, but the tragic death. This photo became the biggest symbol of the local war. it mad Robert Capa very famous photographer
“Falling soldier” is one of the most famous war photographs.