Group Assignment

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Group Assignment
If I Were A Photographer, What Would I Do With An Egg?

“Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken”— MFK Fisher

Presentation and Documentation are due in class: Monday, November 17, 2014

You have read MFK Fisher’s “How not to boil an egg” for your Culinary and Baking classes. For this assignment, you are working in groups to think about the egg visually.

  • You are assigned to a group (see following pages to find out who’s in your group and who your photographer is)
  • Each group will focus on one photographer
  • Each group determines 4-5 adjectives or short “descriptive phrases” that describe the photographer’s style
  • Each group member will contribute one photograph of an egg taken in the style of the photographer that reflects the adjective (i.e., if you are assigned Julia Margaret Cameron, take a photo that “looks” hazy and blurry like a photo by Cameron)


Each group gives a 5-minute Powerpoint Presentation after lunch on November 17. Keep your presentation short and limited to 5 minutes so that we have a few minutes for questions about the photographer and your photos.

Presentation Instructions:

  1. Powerpoint presentations should have a maximum of 6-7 slides
  2. Include a Title Slide that identifies your photographer and group members
  3. Include an “About the Photographer” slide. This slide should have 4-5 lines describing the photographer’s style (limit your biographical information, don’t tell us where s/he was born, went to school, etc. unless it’s relevant to style)
  4. Choose 4-5 adjectives that describe the photographer’s work (stark, linear, fuzzy, etc.)
  5. Create a slide featuring the adjective with a photo (of an egg!) by each member
  6. Each member of the group must make his/her own “egg” photo to be included in the Powerpoint presentation

What you turn in:

  1. Each group submits a paper copy of the group presentation (printout of Powerpoint slides-black and white is fine)
  2. Each group member has to submit a one-paragraph reflection of the experience directly to the instructor. These are personal reflections that you do not have to share with your group, only your instructor.

TIP! There is a lot behind producing good food photography but the best tip to get started is to keep it clean and simple. Try to keep the background uncluttered. Let the egg be the star! You can manipulate your egg however you want, break it, color it, draw on it, accessorize it, cook it!

Photographer Groups

Alexander Rodchenko                                                         Man Ray
Veronica Pacheco                                                                Katherine Batallas
Terrance Sutton                                                                    Grisell Garcia
Shania Benjamin                                                                 Jennivieve Arjune
Leyla Dawouda                                                                    Heawon Jung

Paul Outerbridge                                                                 Clarence H. White
Estephany Tapia                                                                  Naqueisha Moore
Marlie Villfort                                                                        Minhui Siew
Valery Mendez                                                                     Peter Joung
Shai Plata                                                                             Sherrida Murchison

Edward Weston                                                                   Imogen Cunningha
Sonia Solache                                                                       Jakeva Juillet
Leah Morgan                                                                         Benedicta Ansah
Jonathan Catana                                                                  Jane Tan
Terence Morris                                                                     Andre Andre

Aaron Siskind
Sarah Kabalkin
Brianna Vasquez
Samoia Yaro Fulani
Lester Zeng

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