Taking pictures of food by Min Hui Siew (Victoria)

Taking pictures of food has been a normal routine for me whenever I am eating out with friends or family. Some people say grace before they eat, I take pictures of the food before I eat. I enjoy taking pictures of food because I get to express my creativity and showing appreciation towards the food. Every time the server delivers the food to the table, I will get comments like “you’re going to take pictures aren’t you?” or “make it quick, I am starving”. Yes, I am one of those people who stops their friends or family members from eating without having a picture of their food taken. It is a little irritating for them but they developed a new tactic to “photo bomb” my pictures by making silly faces or blocking the food with unpleasant hand gestures. I also developed a new method of taking good pictures of food by focusing on the right angle first then capture few quick shots. This wouldn’t be possible without my trusty iPhone 5, the main reason why I love my phone is because of the camera quality. I can relate to the YouTube spoof video of how I only use my phone to take pictures. After all, my photo album contains many food pictures and shameless “selfies”.

The New York Times article made me realize how some people actually take pictures of food to a whole new level. When I take pictures of food, it is only a few quick shots then I put my phone away. Although I agreed that lighting is important when it comes to taking pictures, I don’t think it is necessary to have the right lens or a professional camera. Unless you are doing a cover spread for Food and Wine Magazine, one should prioritize that there is a time and place for everything.

I am proud of my collection of food pictures. Each food picture showcases culture, art , memories and most importantly who I am.

Rose House from Flushing New York.

Korean Green Tea Shaved Ice “Pat Bing Soo” from Cafe Bene, Queens.

Green Tea Lava Cake from Spot Desserts, St. Marks, NYC.

My own creation of bacon infused waffle topped with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup from Waffle and Dinges truck, NYC.

-Min Hui Siew (Victoria)

What is “The Art of Food” Learning Community?

Join the Learning Community with students from Baking & Pastry Arts I, Culinary I, and the History of Photography

Join the Learning Community with students from Baking & Pastry Arts I, Culinary I, and the History of Photography

This learning community explores the “art” in the culinary arts. Can we look at food in aesthetic terms of art, beauty, and taste? Can we appreciate food like a work of art? Our learning community is comprised of first-year Hospitality students in Culinary Arts I or Baking and Pastry I, join together in the History of Photography with a focus and a lens on food as art.

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Either HMGT1203- Culinary Arts I OR HMGT1204 Baking & Pastry I


ARTH1100 – History of Photography *

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