Food Texture

Texture is an important part of food and is something I take into consideration when deciding whether or not I like something that I have prepared or tasted. This photo is of an ambitious creation I was asked to make by my sister called a Cherpumple. The cake is the perfect example of multiple layers of texture, as well as flavors. The bottom layer is an apple pie baked inside of a vanilla cake, the second is a pumpkin pie baked inside of a spice cake and the top is a cherry pie baked inside of a chocolate cake, all put together with butter cream frosting. Seven very different textures all in one extraordinary cake.


2 thoughts on “Food Texture

    • It actually took me most of the day, having to first bake the pies and then letting them cool before baking each one inside its corresponding cake. It was an amazing experiment but not one that I am likely to replicate.

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