Leah Morgan: Food texture

Growing up in the Caribbean I had the privilege of eating fresh fruits daily. We had an abundance of fruit and a variety from mango, tamarinds, banana, carambola, ackee, soursop to name a few. Texture played a big role for me. For me to enjoy my fruits they would have to be firm and sweet. If they were soft a mushy I wouldn’t dare to venture there. Certain foods like wise for instance rice, must be cooked grainy in order for me to enjoy the dish. In my opinion the texture of the food will play a great outcome in the end result of the dish you will end up with. Also certain recipes will call for certain textures for e.g. Banana bread will require crushed bananas. Unless you’re a baby and require your foods to be crushed. I also think that texture sells food. If you’re baking a fruit cake for some one, when you cut a slice of cake then you should be able to see the pecans, cherries, raisins etc. if you don’t see any then you don’t have a fruit cake.  Texture also changes the taste of food. If you have a mango that is all mushy it will not have the same flavor as a mango that is perfectly ripe and a little hard and soft at the same time. Texture determines the type of fruits I would purchase. The following pictures: A firm Julie mango and and tamarind ball.


mango julie tamarind balls

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