Egg Poetry & Photos

Here are the fun and creative Egg poems you all created! Enjoy. And thank you Cassie for typing them up. Professor Jacus

Poem 1
Look at this egg.
How beautiful is this egg?
It is nice and well-rounded.
But it breaks when it falls.
Some like it soft, some like it hard
From beginning to end.

Poem 2
Rat, rat, ratatouille
Came to see me
Because I am a cutie patootie.
Round and furry, can we play?
But don’t think that you could stay.
Rat, Rat, ratatouille
No you can’t have that baloney.

Poem 3
Humpty dumpty was presented to us all.
Humpty dumpty had a great fall.
Humpty dumpty went in my tummy.
Humpty dumpty was very yummy.
Humpty dumpty was the best.
If you dare, put him to the test.

Poem 4
Let the omelet begin.
It can be sweet or salty
But often much to our chagrin.
A lone egg shell floats to the top.
Quick, try to catch it! if my Chef sees it,
It is a sin.
For the egg to begin
A crack, a whisk, and hopefully not a flop.

Poem 5
The humble egg, hidden in your little shell,
Safely you float in your albumen and yolk.
Little egg I am going to warn you.
Egg! Egg! Egg! Crack! Boil, Fry, Poach!
In my plate you lay about to be inhaled and devoured.
Humble little egg you were delicious.
Oh wait! I’m going after your brothers and sisters.

Poem 6
Crack it open and watch it sizzle.
Cook it too long, the flavor will fizzle
The softness and delicacy of its content
Feel free to experiment with flavor, it might be pleasant.
The flavor and texture causes everyone to beg.
Well, what delicious food could be an … egg.
A simple dash of salt and pepper will have your taste buds stomping like line steppers.
Flip it up and drop it down don’t hit the ground or you’ll look like a clown.

    The following files are PDF files of your group presentations. Thanks for all the wonderful photos!

Aaron Siskind

Alexander Rodchenko

Clarence H White

Edward Weston

Imogen Cunningham

Man Ray

Paul Outerbridge

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