Photographing food texture


When i think of food texture i think about how smooth, soft, rough, liquid gritty ,crunchy , lumpy ect.. the food is.I think to be able to capture the texture of food one needs to put much focus on the food by taking the best angle of the food.Most people just pick up their camera and just take a picture but if you want to capture the color or texture of food i think you need a close up focus to be able to do that.
Looking at the cherry pie that i have here on can tell the texture of the pie the cherry look very soft and smooth and the pie crust looks hard and very crunchy.

Week 3 Discussion Topic: Photographing Food Texture

tex·ture          /ˈteksCHər/       noun

  1. the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.
Olivier Richon, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 2012 (from

Olivier Richon, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 2012 (from

This week we were introduced to the wet-plate collodion process of mid-nineteenth century photography. The photo historian Helmut Gernsheim once referred to this collodion era as the “culinary period” of photography (Gernsheim, 1969, 258). Aside from the sticky collodion that photographers like Roger Fenton and Mathew Brady applied to their glass plates, photographers tried all sorts of ingredients to keep the collodion moist for longer periods of time, including treacle, malt, raspberry juice, milk, licorice juice, chestnut juice, beer, tea, and coffee.

For this week, I ask you to think about the idea of texture in food, and how does one capture texture in a photograph. The key to communicating texture in photography is to pay careful attention to detail. In this week’s post, you get to practice taking a photograph, re-sizing it, and uploading it to our class website. For example, look at the photograph by contemporary photographer Olivier Richon and note how it gives you a strong sense of the texture of the fish. Take a food-related photo (something you made or saw), resize it (follow the directions on how to resize you photo to smaller than 600 to 700 pixels here) and upload your photo to the class site with a short passage describing the texture of your photo.

Lastly, this week we also talked about the albumen process that makes use of egg whites. What happened to all those egg yolks? You can click here to see a recipe for a 19th-century photographer’s cheesecake.


My apologies for the late posting, I thought I already posted this week’s discussion topic. Because of the delay, I have extended the deadline for posting by another week.


reflection on food art

Displaying photo.JPG

I was particularly interested in the decoration of our vegetables on our plates. I found it very interesting to see all these different colors combine to create this beautiful work of art. I consider food as an art because much thought and consideration goes into making a plate look good and appetizing to the customers who are purchasing the food. When we were asked to design our plates with our vegetables i though what shapes or image could i create with this vegetables and which colors would i combine to make my plate look good and presentable. This is what i came up with, When people look at this they may see something different but what i was envisioning was a clock.
I particularly like the way i have placed the pearl onions in the four corners of the plate,giving it a four sided shape. The joy and excitement i got when i finally came up with this design on my plate is explainable i didn’t know that food could bring out my creative side and i am glade i got to design something amazing.

Food or Coffee

These days, coffee became the most popular drink to start a day. People need to have a cup of a coffee before starting their work, and drink constantly throughout the day. However, is cup of coffee that important that it became a alternative option for “food”? Some people around me would choose coffee instead of having a sandwich or pizza for lunch. Their reasons vary. They do not have enough time, heavy Breakfast, rather enjoy relaxing moment with a cup of coffee than going to a hectic restaurant. For me, I choose food without any hesitation. I do appreciate the good smell of coffee and its taste. It really soothes me, but not as much as I love my other “food” options. From my perspective, coffee can be categorized under dessert, or appetizer. They say coffee also has variety of smell and taste, but you can’t compare it to other foods’ variations such as fired calamari, steak, pizza, and numerous desserts that I do not even know their names. During Civil war, coffee became so important because it might be the only time that soldiers could forget about the tragic war and be comforted. However, since I’m not in a war, I choose food. Coffee is nothing more than just one of my favorite drinks.

Food or Coffee

Honestly, food is the logical choice between the two. The human body absolutely needs FOOD and WATER to complete its bodily functions. Never once has a study confirmed, coffee to be some sort of miracle beverage as some of those soldiers might classify it as. Sure everyone enjoys their little fraps, lattes, and so forth but these drinks are to be consumed for mere pleasure. I admit coffee in todays society may have its beneficial effects in terms of weight loss and prevention in diabetes, but the risk factors greatly exceeds its benefits. Studies have proven that with drinking copious amounts of coffee comes an increase in stress, anxiety, hunger, high cholesterol and the list goes on. For the soldiers of that time, they knew nothing about the actual negative effects coffee has on their body…but then again if you are being shot at on a daily basis who could blame them. If they did however, I believe that their good judgment would take over and pull back on the cups of joe. After all, no general wants hungry and overly-anxious soldiers with guns. The spike in alertness pleased them very much and in some sense raised their spirits. In my opinion, the “coffee craze” of that time period, was more mind over matter. In depressing times we all need something to keep us pushing through and in this case it just so happens that coffee is that “pushing factor”.

Food or Coffee?

I would definitely decide on food, because you have more energy because your body is containing a lot of protein and starches that are giving your body strength to move on. Coffee on the other hand will energize you but at some point it will stop helping. In middle school I had an english teacher who told me that when you drink coffee in the morning your brain tends to not work as it usually would. So that wouldn’t be a good idea for some of us. But it is a great helper after you wake up and have a hot cup of dark coffee. Based on the article, I read that the soldiers wouldn’t cook because usually the females would do that for them but the way they kept themselves with energy was eating proteins and starches as an example of potatoes and meat.

Skirt Steak & Mashed Potatoes

Skirt Steak & Mashed Potatoes

Food Or Coffee….I’ll take food for a 100 please!!!

44c1c0063e2e48578637e8686fdf72c8 Hibiscus passion fruit iced tea!

It’s pretty interesting, ever since the dawn of man, there has been countless wars fought, win or lose, there is one thing that has remained consult, the source of fuel and comfort and that is food.  During times of war, where survival is challenged, the ability to adapt is essential for victory. James M. Sanderson in many ways was a pioneer during the civil war.  His idea to educate men who were on the field about basic cooking and food sanitary skills is pretty amazing.  It is no surprise to me the vast amounts of coffee was consumed during the civil war, after all it’s a excellent source of caffeine and for staying up. Fast forward to the present, I was watching a show just yesterday about the elections that are approaching, it’s so ironic that the anchor referred to huge urban cities like New York City as “Starbucks Nation”.  He was spot on, I mean there is a Starbucks in our cafeteria, one across the street and two more locations just blocks from one another.  I believe that there is no longer blood running through veins of college students and professionals, but coffee!  I love a cup of ice coffee every now and then but I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I love iced tea. My favorite is the very fruity and floral teas, such as hibiscus passion fruit with a touch of fresh lemonade and lots of ice. It is both refreshing, delicious, filled with antioxidants, helps t regulate blood pressure and is  low on caffeine.

Food or coffee?

Food or coffee? I don’t need to think about it, I choose food, why? Because food is everything to me I can live without coffee,  but I can die without food. Also soldiers didn’t have that much choices available, they didn’t know how to cook plus the hardtack does not look to good, and I don’t think it taste good. A lot of people think that coffee give you energy, but a good breakfast work better for me. Also I think not every body system works the same, some times when I drink coffee in the morning to stay up I still feel sleepy no matter how much coffee I drink. One more think that makes me choose food over coffee is the many options and taste that food offer, coffee no matter what you put on it or how you drink it, it will always be coffee, it will always taste like coffee.

food or coffee? FOOD OF COURSE!

food over coffee


Even though coffee smells great, I have never been a huge fan of it. Some people actually say that coffee has some aromas that stimulate the brain, and give you energy, but I think that it is psychological and that it depends on the individual. I can drink coffee and sleep without any difficulties. Coffee is just not a necessity for me, that’s why i don’t really get it when I see people going insane because they haven’t had any coffee. I’ll choose food over coffee anytime because I can live without drinking coffee for a whole year, but can’t without food. According to the article, the soldiers didn’t really know much about cooking because back in the days, cooking was done by mostly females. The only option they had left was coffee plus, it was during war time so I’m sure that their food resources were pretty scarce.