hands up don’t shoot

When i look at these photographs it really upsets me to see how these police men are heavily armed and the way they are treating these civilians. One of the photographs shows about six police men pointing a gun at one man who has his arms up. these shows that the police are at war with civilians. How can they mishandle civilians as if they are in a war zone. The police should know that they are dealing with civilians and that they are not at war and they should know how to handle demonstrations like these without hurting anyone. i think the police need to be retrained on how to handle the civilians, they are being too aggressive on their approach they need to calm down and stop being on urge all the time. the police need to regain the trust that the public have in them in order for them to do their job right. Their job is to maintain law and order and also to protect the public and if the public no longer has the confidence in the police how are they going to do their jobs well if the very people they are sworn to protect do not trust them.

Documenting California’s drought

Looking at these pictures you really get a glimpse to what these farmers are going thought and the effects these drought have the lives of the farmers and the country as a whole. Since most of our produce come from California not only does the drought affect the farmers it also affects the country because things become very expensive because we have limited amounts. Looking at these pictures you can see how these drought affects the land and make it very difficult for farmers to grow any crop. It is very difficult for crops to even survive without water and even if they do survive they do no look as fresh as they will usually do. These pictures look more realistic i grew up in a country where i did not rain most of the time and the land was very dry and dusty and i have experienced it before so when i look at these pictures i can see the frustration that these farmers go through. Without rain and no irrigation system it would be very hard for these farmers to be able to work and feed their families. They do not only work to feed their families but they feed the nation as a whole so it is a national problem which must be solved .

Robert capa and the greatest war photography

Looking at the photograph i do not think that it was staged most people are believe that he could have staged this photograph. but looking at this picture up close there is no way he could have staged this photograph and gotten this perfect image without it being real. Looking at how the soldier is falling on his back you can tell that he has been shot in his arm that is the only explanation for his body posture and how he is falling on his back. Most people also argue that if he was really shot then he must have blood and that they can not see any blood. first this is a black and white photograph it would be very hard to detect any sign of blood from this photograph and also from the angel that he was shot which seem to be his left arm it would be very hard to see any kind of blood. The way the soldier is holding the gun and the way his foot is placed there is no way he staged this. capa just happen to be at the right place at the right time to be able to capture  that soldier at his last moment before he hit the ground and died.

rock star food behind the scene

when i looked at all the food that this stars order behind the scene i am like they must be crazy people to want these specific things and some of them do not even make any sense to me like cheese on ice what is that, what is the ice suppose to do make the cheese cool that is ridiculous. Most of these foods also say alot about the musicians like Beyonce with her chicken and spices, you can tell for her food choice that she is not a boring person she is very daring and very strong and independent woman who is not afraid to take chances. Looking a Busta rhymes you can tell he likes to sleep around with women alot that is why he would order a box of condoms with his chicken. Maria Carey you can tell she is a very classy lady who likes to  do things very professionally and is also very serious about her work. Looking at all these ridiculous things that these star order i wonder if they do eat regular food that we do eat then again why wont they order all these ridiculous things when they have all these ridiculous schedules and they work without rest. at least they get to have all they want at the end of their busy schedules.

Photography and the early effect

I am not a big fun of the these old kind of movies but then the movement of the people in the movie suggest that the camera being used its one of the earliest camera developed because the quality of the picture is not that sharp and clear and it is really hard to follow. This is similar to the earliest photography as it was also in black and white and most of the objects seem to be out of focus not really focusing on one particular thing. The music in the video is  very destructing and just could not focus with that kind of music playing at the background. this shows how much film has developed over the years as it has got perfect picture and everything seem to be in focus and perfect. I am impressed about how it has film making has evolved over the years and really improved as photography has also improved over the years. With photography the camera has now become very portable and handy and it takes pictures really up close and sharp and everything seem to be focused, so has film it has also changed over the years which is very impressive.

This is delish

This is and egg benedict with omelet. The sweetness and sourness of the hollandaise sauce makes the egg benedict very delicious. This was my first time having eggs benedict and was simple delicious the poached eggs where soft and tender, the crispness of the muffin was just undeniably tasty i could not get over the taste so much that when i got home i made one and the following morning i made another one and it was so good. I introduced my family to it and they all loved it without a doubt. I have always have my eggs really cooked when boiled or fried, so when i first had the omelet i was surprised how much i liked it. The softness of the omelet and the way it melted in my mouth made all the differences, i always liked my eggs well made and ever since i tasted that omelet i have always made my eggs very tender and soft


Breakfast around the world

I am not a breakfast person i usually skip this meal and rather have lunch and dinner. I know most people say it is the most important meal of the day but i do not think so. I usually i am in a hurry in the morning and i have little time to sit down to eat breakfast and i do not like to rush when eating so i would rather skip this meal and have some lunch later in the day. In Ghana where i come from most people do eat breakfast but it is usually a meal which is very high in carbohydrate and protein that is because most people do not usually eat lunch we do here in the United States so breakfast is usually a very heavy meal and one of the most important meals of the day. Most people also do very heavy duty work so it is very important to have a lot of carbohydrate and protein in the morning before starting your day.I find myself eating very high carbohydrate foods in the morning most at times when i do not have school and thats what i am used to, i am not a big fun of hot chocolate or egg on a roll or any kind of pastries in the morning i would rather have food very high in carbohydrate. Here is a picture of a typical breakfast in my country.

Subway potrait

I was very interested when they mentioned in the article that when the subway first started there was nothing to look at. Which is very true because it is very hard to just sit on a train and stare into peoples faces, it is very uncomfortable and distressful. It was probably a good ideal when Evan Walker decided to take photographs of subway riders. Mostly subway riders are lost in their thought or busy reading a news paper or listening to music just to avoid an awkward eye contact. Most of the pictures that Walker took of subway riders, they seem to be lost in their thought, tired or busily minding their own business by reading a news paper. It is mostly similar to see what you see on the faces of most subway riders now. It is not that very different because most people on the train are trying to keep to themselves or are lost in their thought because of all the stress we goes through in the day to day activities of their daily lives. I am not surprised Evans took an interest in wanting to photography subway riders because a lot can be told from the expression on face.

Documenting Spiritualism

i have never seen images like that of photographer Shannon Taggart before although i find it very fascinating. I am a very religious person and i do believe spirits do exist but than i do not think they do linger around the living like the way it is portrayed by Taggart. I find most of these images to be very disturbing and i do not know if its real or she may have manipulated the images to make it seem like that. i do not understand why people would want to be photograph of a spirit sitting next to them or hovering over their heads, i do understand that most people want to believe that their love ones are still with them and they can talk to them anytime they want to but i find it very creepy. I would not have a photograph of that sort in my living room it would scare the day light out of me anytime i see it. Then again its what these people believe in and they have faith in these mediums that they go to, to be able to communicate with the dead, but i do not see the need to have  photographs to document spiritualism.

Photographing food texture


When i think of food texture i think about how smooth, soft, rough, liquid gritty ,crunchy , lumpy ect.. the food is.I think to be able to capture the texture of food one needs to put much focus on the food by taking the best angle of the food.Most people just pick up their camera and just take a picture but if you want to capture the color or texture of food i think you need a close up focus to be able to do that.
Looking at the cherry pie that i have here on can tell the texture of the pie the cherry look very soft and smooth and the pie crust looks hard and very crunchy.