Photography and the early effect

I am not a big fun of the these old kind of movies but then the movement of the people in the movie suggest that the camera being used its one of the earliest camera developed because the quality of the picture is not that sharp and clear and it is really hard to follow. This is similar to the earliest photography as it was also in black and white and most of the objects seem to be out of focus not really focusing on one particular thing. The music in the video is  very destructing and just could not focus with that kind of music playing at the background. this shows how much film has developed over the years as it has got perfect picture and everything seem to be in focus and perfect. I am impressed about how it has film making has evolved over the years and really improved as photography has also improved over the years. With photography the camera has now become very portable and handy and it takes pictures really up close and sharp and everything seem to be focused, so has film it has also changed over the years which is very impressive.

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