Congrats and Happy New Years!

Victorian New Year CardIf you have not noticed, your grades have been uploaded to Blackboard, as well as CUNYFirst. Your group presentations have also been uploaded on the same page as your egg poetry. Thank you all for a wonderful semester and I wish you a relaxing winter break and Happy New Years!

Here is the grade scale from CityTech’s student handbook:

A 93-100

A- 90-92.9

B+ 87-89.9

B 83-86.9

B- 80-82.9

C+ 77-79.9

C 70-76.9

D 60-69.9

F 59 and below

Announcement: Short List for Final Exam, Terminology, and Blogging

Andre Kertesz, Clock of the Academie Francaise, 1932

Andre Kertesz, Clock of the Academie Francaise, 1932

The Final Exam is Monday 12/22 at 11:30 AM.  The short list for the Final Exam is now posted online under “Slidelists” in the Class Files area. The format for the final exam is the same as the midterm, look at the exam format under Class Files too. The terminology for Part IV includes the following terms.

Terminology: define 3 terms, 5 points each. Choose only 3 terms to discuss. I will list the following 6 art/photographic movements:

Group f.64
Social Landscape
New Topographics
Pictures Generation

Write a few complete sentences defining the movement and give an example.

I am posting the last Discussion Topic as Week 12. Rather than 15 posts for the blog grade, I will only count the 12 topics uploaded to date.  Don’t forget the last day to submit your blog posts, late work, or extra credit is Monday December 15th.

Announcement: Presentations, Blogging and One More Exhibit Option


Andre Kertesz, The Fork, 1928

Andre Kertesz, The Fork, 1928

We will meet outside the Janet Lefler Dining Room on the 2nd floor of Namm at 11:30 am on Monday 11/17. Each group will have an opportunity to upload their PowerPoint presentations to my computer before we head into lunch in the dining room. I’ll also use the time to take attendance. We are expected to be ready to be seated in the dining room by 11:50 am. A reminder there is a dress code for the dining room and they request attire appropriate to business meetings, therefore no jeans, no sweats, no sneakers, no hats. You can leave your things in your lockers or check them in the coat check outside the dining room. Please don’t forget that the dining room is a classroom too, therefore be encouraging and respectful of your fellow HGMT majors as they work the dining room for our enjoyment.

A reminder about the group project. Your group projects’s PowerPoint presentation should feature photographs taken by you, not images taken by someone else. I’m excited to see your ‘egg’ photos! Each group will present for only 5 minutes (I’ll set a timer) right after lunch in Namm 206.

A note about Writing Assignment #2. I have added one more exhibition to the list of possible shows to visit for Writing Assignment #2. After visiting the Met last weekend, I realized the Thomas Struth exhibition is a good, small show to review. Please see the revised PDF for Writing Assignment #2 under Assignments. Don’t forget to keep your museum entry stub/ticket or take a brochure from the exhibit to be turned in with your paper. This paper is due Monday, December 1st.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the dining room for Monday’s class!

Announcement: Blogging Guidelines, Midterm Grades, and Extra Credit Options

extra credit signThanks to all who have been blogging regularly and since we’re going into the last half of the semester I’ve decided to make a change to the submission process for our Discussion Topics. As of this week (Week 8), you will have a long deadline due date and be able to submit your posts up until Monday December 14 (our last lecture meeting before Finals). However, at this point in the semester please do not submit posts for earlier Discussion Topics (Weeks 1-7) because you will not receive credit for them.

By now you may have noticed that your mid-semester grades are posted. If you have any questions, please email me at Please keep checking the grade center on Blackboard for updates on the grades for your papers, all paper grades will be up by the end of the week.

Because of financial aid considerations, withdrawing from a class is not recommended. However, if you are contemplating withdrawing, please be advised that the last day to withdraw without penalty is Thursday, Nov. 6. This is the last day to withdraw with a W grade.

A reminder, mid-semester grades are:
P=Passing work
*BL= Borderline
SA=Stopped Attending

*If you received a BL, it is likely that you are having problems with your attendance, didn’t do so well on the midterm, or missing the paper assignment and have done no blogging.. Having said that, it is in your best interest to participate fully on the class blog because it is worth 15% of your grade. What is 15%? It’s worth more than one letter grade on the grade scale, meaning if you’re averaging a C in the course, weekly participation on the discussion board can pull you up into the B/B+ range. Therefore, please participate and use the blogging to your advantage.

I have also posted the Extra Credit Assignments. There are 6 options and they are optional, you can submit one extra credit, do all the options or do none, it is up to you. You will find the extra credit under assignments.

The discussion board for Week 8 is:

Extra Credit assignments:


Announcement: Midterm Exam and Blogging on Class Website

Keep Calmp PhotoAs you all know Monday October 27th is our MIDTERM, and it’s also the beginning of the 7th week of class (mid-semester!) If you have yet to do so, you should study all the pictures listed on the short list (what’s important about each one, who made it, what’s it about, etc.).

Unfortunately, I will not be able to hold my office hours before class (I’ll be in an observation at that time). If you have any questions, please send them to me via email.

We decided last week that we’ll have 10 days to submit to all blog topics and the cut off will be Wednesday midnight (after your cooking and baking classes!).

Lastly, I am in the process of submitting mid-semester grades, which you will find on Blackboard. For some, I will need to wait until the midterm is graded before submitting a grade.

Possible mid-semester grades are:

P = Passing work

BL = Borderline

U = Unsatisfactory

SA = Stopped Attending

I usually issue a BL for attendance problems. Don’t forget that more than 2 absences will result in course failure since our class meets only once per week.

If you get a U, it’s because you didn’t submit a paper and have yet to blog on the class website (yes, papers and blogging are that important).

Extra credit assignments will be posted at the end of the week.

Announcement: Updates and Deadlines

Clock Cake from

Clock Cake from

The latest slide lists have been uploaded under class files, including the “short list” for midterm (Monday October 27th at 11:30 am).

Don’t forget that will do not meet on Monday October 13, school is closed for Columbus Day.

We will meet on Monday October 20th, the day Writing Assignment #1 is due!

Looking at Food, Looking at Photography

Hong Yi, cucumber landscape

Hong Yi, cucumber landscape

Welcome! If you’re here, then you’re probably enrolled in “The Art of Food” Learning Community. We are three classes that will go through the Fall 2014 semester together. All students are enrolled in Prof Cheng’s History of Photography ARTH1100-D401 class and either Prof Garcelon’s Culinary I HGMT 1203-D422 or Prof Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I HGMT 1204-D428 class. This website is where you’ll submit much of your discussion and work for my History of Photography class. Although I’ll be grading your work here, Professors Garcelon and Jacus will be looking in too, as well as commenting and participating. You will get many opportunities to think about what you produce in Culinary I and Baking & Pastry I in artistic terms, and better understand the history of an ever-changing medium.

I look forward to meeting you in class. Look around, and check back frequently as I develop our class site, and please do  not hesitate to contact me.

What is “The Art of Food” Learning Community?

Join the Learning Community with students from Baking & Pastry Arts I, Culinary I, and the History of Photography

Join the Learning Community with students from Baking & Pastry Arts I, Culinary I, and the History of Photography

This learning community explores the “art” in the culinary arts. Can we look at food in aesthetic terms of art, beauty, and taste? Can we appreciate food like a work of art? Our learning community is comprised of first-year Hospitality students in Culinary Arts I or Baking and Pastry I, join together in the History of Photography with a focus and a lens on food as art.

Increase the scope of your learning by enrolling in this exciting and ground breaking learning community. Meet and connect with faculty across disciplines. Discover the interconnectedness of disciplines within the college and the worlds you will work in. Gain a new ‘lens’ from which to view your chosen course of study!

To become a participant in the FYLC students are required to register for:

Either HMGT1203- Culinary Arts I OR HMGT1204 Baking & Pastry I


ARTH1100 – History of Photography *

(* ARTH 1100 fulfills a Creative Expression course, Liberal Arts course, or Open Elective )