Announcement: Short List for Final Exam, Terminology, and Blogging

Andre Kertesz, Clock of the Academie Francaise, 1932

Andre Kertesz, Clock of the Academie Francaise, 1932

The Final Exam is Monday 12/22 at 11:30 AM.  The short list for the Final Exam is now posted online under “Slidelists” in the Class Files area. The format for the final exam is the same as the midterm, look at the exam format under Class Files too. The terminology for Part IV includes the following terms.

Terminology: define 3 terms, 5 points each. Choose only 3 terms to discuss. I will list the following 6 art/photographic movements:

Group f.64
Social Landscape
New Topographics
Pictures Generation

Write a few complete sentences defining the movement and give an example.

I am posting the last Discussion Topic as Week 12. Rather than 15 posts for the blog grade, I will only count the 12 topics uploaded to date.  Don’t forget the last day to submit your blog posts, late work, or extra credit is Monday December 15th.

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