Announcement: Presentations, Blogging and One More Exhibit Option


Andre Kertesz, The Fork, 1928

Andre Kertesz, The Fork, 1928

We will meet outside the Janet Lefler Dining Room on the 2nd floor of Namm at 11:30 am on Monday 11/17. Each group will have an opportunity to upload their PowerPoint presentations to my computer before we head into lunch in the dining room. I’ll also use the time to take attendance. We are expected to be ready to be seated in the dining room by 11:50 am. A reminder there is a dress code for the dining room and they request attire appropriate to business meetings, therefore no jeans, no sweats, no sneakers, no hats. You can leave your things in your lockers or check them in the coat check outside the dining room. Please don’t forget that the dining room is a classroom too, therefore be encouraging and respectful of your fellow HGMT majors as they work the dining room for our enjoyment.

A reminder about the group project. Your group projects’s PowerPoint presentation should feature photographs taken by you, not images taken by someone else. I’m excited to see your ‘egg’ photos! Each group will present for only 5 minutes (I’ll set a timer) right after lunch in Namm 206.

A note about Writing Assignment #2. I have added one more exhibition to the list of possible shows to visit for Writing Assignment #2. After visiting the Met last weekend, I realized the Thomas Struth exhibition is a good, small show to review. Please see the revised PDF for Writing Assignment #2 under Assignments. Don’t forget to keep your museum entry stub/ticket or take a brochure from the exhibit to be turned in with your paper. This paper is due Monday, December 1st.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the dining room for Monday’s class!