rock star food behind the scence

This was an interesting read. I actually enjoyed it. I would never think someone will take riders and make them into there own art and telling a little story of each musician at the same time is amazing. Its crazy what some of these musician order as their riders. Marilyn Manson and her gummy bears I can totally relate to that because I love me my gummy bears. Busta Rhymes request was pretty odd and the use of how he propped the condom on the glass of Guinness was gross. Britany spears request was strange as well I would never think she would eat a burger from McDonalds and why so many prunes.

2 thoughts on “rock star food behind the scence

  1. You’re right some of the photos were ‘gross’ though I was surprised by how some contradicted the stereotypical view of a rock & roll lifestyle as one filled with “sex drugs and rock and roll” like the photo with a dainty tea cup.

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