week 12 hands up dont shoot # ferguson

seems like history repeating itself to me. From franks photographs the Americans many of his photographs shows the racism towards back then and Scott Olson picks shows in this day and age African Americans still fighting for justice for an unarmed man that was shot dead. Scott Olson photographs shows the excessive force used by law enforcement. while Franks photograph shows the divide and separation between races. both photographs shows the unjust treatment African American gets now and in the past. it is sad to see that we are right back where we started or maybe haven’t truly changed. The American justice and law system have a long way to go to be just and fair to our people but then again a system can not fail those it was never meant to protect.

week 11 documenting california drought

these Photographs showed realism and was a direct description of the drought happening. it is very devasting to know that here in the United States People are experiencing drought and farmers are struggling. I don’t think people are aware of how bad it is. I knew California was low on water supply but I never thought the conditions were that bad. its sad to see what we take for granted like a sip of water is someone else livelihood.  the photographs and the video was very depressing to watch and I am surprised that not more is being done to end this drought.

robert Capa greatest war photograph

I do agree with the article about Robert capa photograph being staged. the shot it almost too perfect and there is no sign of blood in the photograph from a solider being shot. the photograph is an amazing shot and I think it deserves an award but I don’t think that it should be told this happened in war if it did not. in some ways authenticity matters if you are documenting that is what you have experienced and done.

rock star food behind the scence

This was an interesting read. I actually enjoyed it. I would never think someone will take riders and make them into there own art and telling a little story of each musician at the same time is amazing. Its crazy what some of these musician order as their riders. Marilyn Manson and her gummy bears I can totally relate to that because I love me my gummy bears. Busta Rhymes request was pretty odd and the use of how he propped the condom on the glass of Guinness was gross. Britany spears request was strange as well I would never think she would eat a burger from McDonalds and why so many prunes.

photography in early film

from the use of props and the arrangement of the people in the film this does remind me of early photography. in some early photographs stories are told through people who pose in a certain manner. the similarities in photograph and film is they both use people to tell a story or get a point across.  they both use props to enhance their work or make it more interesting and real. The difference between film and photography is in film its a longer more in depth story line. Their are also uses of special effect to make film more realistic in photographs you do not have that.

why does it look delicious

This is red velvet waffles and fried chicken from Soco Restaurant. This chicken is fried and seasoned so well that when you bite into it melts in your mouth. has the right amount of crunch and moisture. The waffles are moist and have a crisp taste. Perfect combination for Chicken. This picture reminds me of southern cooking with a twist. simple dish made to perfection. photo


breakfast around the world

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so therefore it is very essential. if I don’t have breakfast to jump start my day I feel very tired and unfocused. I don’t eat anything to big but a bagel and coffee, croissants or instant oatmeal. We tend to have unhealthy breakfast because we do not have the time to stop and make a healthy breakfast. This even happen with parents so children normally eat cereal or a fruit nothing big or essential because of the constant rush to get kids dress for school and yourself for work. breakfast

subway potraits

I think Evans approach on photography is a bit intrusive. I think its a unique idea to photograph the everyday people and there look on the subway but at the same time people are entitled to there privacy. The pictures are real life looking you can almost read what someone of the women are thinking from there facial expression. they tend to look deep in thought or worry. I sometimes pay attention to people facial expressions as well on the train they are similar to some of the photographs that Evans has taken.  Things has not changed much on the subway, in one of the pictures you see entertainment on the train of a guy playing his instrument. This happens almost everyday on my train ride.