subway potraits

I think Evans approach on photography is a bit intrusive. I think its a unique idea to photograph the everyday people and there look on the subway but at the same time people are entitled to there privacy. The pictures are real life looking you can almost read what someone of the women are thinking from there facial expression. they tend to look deep in thought or worry. I sometimes pay attention to people facial expressions as well on the train they are similar to some of the photographs that Evans has taken.  Things has not changed much on the subway, in one of the pictures you see entertainment on the train of a guy playing his instrument. This happens almost everyday on my train ride.


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  1. I agree, the riders’ expressions are almost timeless, you see the same look today on many subway passengers. It’s a good point about how invasive this practice is, which in Evans’ time was harder to do. Today, it’s much easier to take out a smartphone and discreetly take a picture.

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