Food or Coffee

After reading these articles, it makes me appreciate food so much more.Soldiers in the civil war did not have a four course meal when they were away from their homes. Their diet consisted of unsalted and unflavored food, the only thing that had flavor was coffee. In one of the articles it describe how every group of soldiers outside their tents were always boiling water to make coffee,comparing it to mini “starbucks”. What I found impressive was the hardtack, which I did not have no clue what is it was before ready the PBS article. until this day they keep an 150 years old hard tack preserved, from what it looks like the hardtack has a little bit moldy but is still looks properly preserved.Coffee played a big role in these soldiers life, more than just winning the war. now when it comes down to me, I also will pick coffee as something I can live without.Every morning coffee makes my morning routine one of a kind. The rich flavor makes me feel alive,the smell hugs your nose making your body want it, the first sip is everything in one cup, the warmth touches your soul especially.




Left hand side a typical dominican coffee maker. Right hand side civil war coffee marker.

dominican coffeecoffee maker

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    • I put cinnamon on top of the coffee powder, mixing both powder together. remember to add a tiny bit of cinnamon since cinnamon has a strong taste to it. I hope you try it out,it taste really good!

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