Rock Star Food Behind the Scenes

Musicians have always been known for their eccentric creative processes, so I wasn’t really surprised to know that it extends even in the realm of food. I can say that Hargreaves did a great job in representing the spreads of the musicians that I know of, like Mariah Carey (The bendy straw, of course. The Champagne was just icing on the cake), Busta Rhymes (Guinness and prophylactics, enough said) and Rihanna and Beyonce (we now know how they maintain those beautiful curves). Some spreads did surprise me though, like Axl Rose’s (White Wonder Bread, what?), Marilyn Manson’s (I was actually surprised to know that he KNEW what Gummi Bears were!) and the Foo Fighters’ (I just laughed at this)–this is not a critic on Hargreaves but more of a revelation to me. This article just proves to me that these Rock Stars that we know of, and claim to know fairly well, are mere mortals too, and these ‘eccentric creative processes’ are their means to get through a tough time, all in a day’s work.

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