reflection on food art

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I was particularly interested in the decoration of our vegetables on our plates. I found it very interesting to see all these different colors combine to create this beautiful work of art. I consider food as an art because much thought and consideration goes into making a plate look good and appetizing to the customers who are purchasing the food. When we were asked to design our plates with our vegetables i though what shapes or image could i create with this vegetables and which colors would i combine to make my plate look good and presentable. This is what i came up with, When people look at this they may see something different but what i was envisioning was a clock.
I particularly like the way i have placed the pearl onions in the four corners of the plate,giving it a four sided shape. The joy and excitement i got when i finally came up with this design on my plate is explainable i didn’t know that food could bring out my creative side and i am glade i got to design something amazing.

Civil war food and coffee

Today almost every american drinks coffee with most of their meals, especially in the morning it is like their energy boost for the day. I never really did not know what was so great about coffee that most people could not go a day without drinking. It tasted awful to me and and really did not get it. I tried it for the first and it was one of the most awful experience because it gave me a bad headache for the whole day. Nevertheless i decided to try the it again because i needed to stay awake for my morning classes and it really gave me a boost everyone morning and i never slept in my morning classes. So for soldiers in the civil war to include coffee in their daily diet is very fascinating and i can imagine the energy that it gave them because their diet was not that nutritious and hygienic. Most Americans today can go the whole day without eating anything but just drinking coffee, one of my professor told me that she can not go a day without drinking coffee she has become so addicted to this drink she could not survive without it.It is amazing to find that soldiers got their energy and boost from what most Americans are addicted to and cannot do without. One of the food that i can not live without is cake cakes. They are one of my favorite desserts and i cant go a day without eating one.

Benedicta Ansah (Taking Pictures of Food)

I never used to take pictures of my food,because i didn’t see the need take picture of food i was going to eat anyway. My friends on Facebook always toke picture when they went to a new restaurant or when they try a new cuisine for the first time.It was annoying at first to see the pictures of all these foods displayed on their page. After a while i found myself doing the same thing. I wanted to show my friends and family what new cuisine i tried and also i like to take pictures of foods that i wanted to learn how to prepare. My best friend and i have a habit of trying to learn how to bake something new everyday.I remember the first time we decided to try to make macarons because one of our friends was on vacation in Paris and she sent us a picture of macarons she had purchased and seeing that color and texture,i could just imagine how good it would taste and smell. So my best friend and i decided to give it a try and my goodness it was a total disaster at first, but we did not  give up we tried again and again until we were able to bake the perfect macaron and i was really proud of myself. So this is how i first baked my first macarons inspired by a picture taken by my friend who was trying to show me all the delicious pastries she was eating while vacationing in Paris.IMG_0317[1]IMG_0318[1]