Documenting California’s drought

Looking at these pictures you really get a glimpse to what these farmers are going thought and the effects these drought have the lives of the farmers and the country as a whole. Since most of our produce come from California not only does the drought affect the farmers it also affects the country because things become very expensive because we have limited amounts. Looking at these pictures you can see how these drought affects the land and make it very difficult for farmers to grow any crop. It is very difficult for crops to even survive without water and even if they do survive they do no look as fresh as they will usually do. These pictures look more realistic i grew up in a country where i did not rain most of the time and the land was very dry and dusty and i have experienced it before so when i look at these pictures i can see the frustration that these farmers go through. Without rain and no irrigation system it would be very hard for these farmers to be able to work and feed their families. They do not only work to feed their families but they feed the nation as a whole so it is a national problem which must be solved .

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