Documenting Spiritualism

i have never seen images like that of photographer Shannon Taggart before although i find it very fascinating. I am a very religious person and i do believe spirits do exist but than i do not think they do linger around the living like the way it is portrayed by Taggart. I find most of these images to be very disturbing and i do not know if its real or she may have manipulated the images to make it seem like that. i do not understand why people would want to be photograph of a spirit sitting next to them or hovering over their heads, i do understand that most people want to believe that their love ones are still with them and they can talk to them anytime they want to but i find it very creepy. I would not have a photograph of that sort in my living room it would scare the day light out of me anytime i see it. Then again its what these people believe in and they have faith in these mediums that they go to, to be able to communicate with the dead, but i do not see the need to have  photographs to document spiritualism.

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