Brianna Vasquez’s Post on Documenting Spiritualism

Spirit photography is the practice that attempts to acquire images of ghosts and spiritual entities. Any spiritual or religious experience is purely supernatural so it can be extremely difficult to capture in photographic images. Despite that most spirit photography is created by a double exposure effect that produces an illusion of a ghostly figure in the picture. The famed spirit photographer, Shannon Taggart managed to achieve the capture of spiritual beings with the assistance of a camera. This practice is difficult since cameras may not always reveal the presence of ghostly, spiritual figures. As with all photography, it needs proper lighting, angling, and the correct exposure. I have rejected the idea that any form of spirit photography was intrusive since most of the participants of the practice are openly inviting their departed loved ones to visit them; in the form of ghosts or spiritual entities which is what Shannon Taggart had the opportunity to photograph during such events like séances. Although, I think it is a valuable practice because it allows those to have a peaceful reencounter with their deceased loved ones I, honestly, only believe in God as a Holy Ghost in connection with Jesus Christ and disagree with the existence of any other ghosts or spiritual beings. In addition, I believe those that have passed on have parted with the world and their bodies may be buried but their souls are no longer on Earth and remain in a more sacred environment.

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