Subway potrait

I was very interested when they mentioned in the article that when the subway first started there was nothing to look at. Which is very true because it is very hard to just sit on a train and stare into peoples faces, it is very uncomfortable and distressful. It was probably a good ideal when Evan Walker decided to take photographs of subway riders. Mostly subway riders are lost in their thought or busy reading a news paper or listening to music just to avoid an awkward eye contact. Most of the pictures that Walker took of subway riders, they seem to be lost in their thought, tired or busily minding their own business by reading a news paper. It is mostly similar to see what you see on the faces of most subway riders now. It is not that very different because most people on the train are trying to keep to themselves or are lost in their thought because of all the stress we goes through in the day to day activities of their daily lives. I am not surprised Evans took an interest in wanting to photography subway riders because a lot can be told from the expression on face.

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