rock star food behind the scene

when i looked at all the food that this stars order behind the scene i am like they must be crazy people to want these specific things and some of them do not even make any sense to me like cheese on ice what is that, what is the ice suppose to do make the cheese cool that is ridiculous. Most of these foods also say alot about the musicians like Beyonce with her chicken and spices, you can tell for her food choice that she is not a boring person she is very daring and very strong and independent woman who is not afraid to take chances. Looking a Busta rhymes you can tell he likes to sleep around with women alot that is why he would order a box of condoms with his chicken. Maria Carey you can tell she is a very classy lady who likes to  do things very professionally and is also very serious about her work. Looking at all these ridiculous things that these star order i wonder if they do eat regular food that we do eat then again why wont they order all these ridiculous things when they have all these ridiculous schedules and they work without rest. at least they get to have all they want at the end of their busy schedules.

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