Breakfast around the world

I am not a breakfast person i usually skip this meal and rather have lunch and dinner. I know most people say it is the most important meal of the day but i do not think so. I usually i am in a hurry in the morning and i have little time to sit down to eat breakfast and i do not like to rush when eating so i would rather skip this meal and have some lunch later in the day. In Ghana where i come from most people do eat breakfast but it is usually a meal which is very high in carbohydrate and protein that is because most people do not usually eat lunch we do here in the United States so breakfast is usually a very heavy meal and one of the most important meals of the day. Most people also do very heavy duty work so it is very important to have a lot of carbohydrate and protein in the morning before starting your day.I find myself eating very high carbohydrate foods in the morning most at times when i do not have school and thats what i am used to, i am not a big fun of hot chocolate or egg on a roll or any kind of pastries in the morning i would rather have food very high in carbohydrate. Here is a picture of a typical breakfast in my country.

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