This is delish

This is and egg benedict with omelet. The sweetness and sourness of the hollandaise sauce makes the egg benedict very delicious. This was my first time having eggs benedict and was simple delicious the poached eggs where soft and tender, the crispness of the muffin was just undeniably tasty i could not get over the taste so much that when i got home i made one and the following morning i made another one and it was so good. I introduced my family to it and they all loved it without a doubt. I have always have my eggs really cooked when boiled or fried, so when i first had the omelet i was surprised how much i liked it. The softness of the omelet and the way it melted in my mouth made all the differences, i always liked my eggs well made and ever since i tasted that omelet i have always made my eggs very tender and soft


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