Robert capa and the greatest war photography

Looking at the photograph i do not think that it was staged most people are believe that he could have staged this photograph. but looking at this picture up close there is no way he could have staged this photograph and gotten this perfect image without it being real. Looking at how the soldier is falling on his back you can tell that he has been shot in his arm that is the only explanation for his body posture and how he is falling on his back. Most people also argue that if he was really shot then he must have blood and that they can not see any blood. first this is a black and white photograph it would be very hard to detect any sign of blood from this photograph and also from the angel that he was shot which seem to be his left arm it would be very hard to see any kind of blood. The way the soldier is holding the gun and the way his foot is placed there is no way he staged this. capa just happen to be at the right place at the right time to be able to capture  that soldier at his last moment before he hit the ground and died.

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