hands up don’t shoot

When i look at these photographs it really upsets me to see how these police men are heavily armed and the way they are treating these civilians. One of the photographs shows about six police men pointing a gun at one man who has his arms up. these shows that the police are at war with civilians. How can they mishandle civilians as if they are in a war zone. The police should know that they are dealing with civilians and that they are not at war and they should know how to handle demonstrations like these without hurting anyone. i think the police need to be retrained on how to handle the civilians, they are being too aggressive on their approach they need to calm down and stop being on urge all the time. the police need to regain the trust that the public have in them in order for them to do their job right. Their job is to maintain law and order and also to protect the public and if the public no longer has the confidence in the police how are they going to do their jobs well if the very people they are sworn to protect do not trust them.

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