Hands Up Dont Shoot: Photos from Ferguson

Robert Frank’s photos are now just a window of the past injustice amongst blacks living in America while Scot Olsen’s photos are a vivid reminder of the failed times we live in. I would consider both sets of photography as first hand documents in the process and long history of the fight for equality in America. Feelings of inferiority can be felt in the times that Robert Frank has taken why the sensations of anger, violence, and pain can be felt through the images of Ferguson. After decades of fighting for equality, one would have thought that by now America as a country would have made some drastic improvements. However in the past few weeks with photos surfacing from Ferguson, it seems that the some odd decades that have past has just been a continuing cycle of injustice. In a sense, if both Robert Frank’s and Scot Olsen’s photos were shown side by side it would create the feeling of deja vu.

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