Food Or Coffee….I’ll take food for a 100 please!!!

44c1c0063e2e48578637e8686fdf72c8 Hibiscus passion fruit iced tea!

It’s pretty interesting, ever since the dawn of man, there has been countless wars fought, win or lose, there is one thing that has remained consult, the source of fuel and comfort and that is food.¬† During times of war, where survival is¬†challenged,¬†the ability to adapt is¬†essential for victory.¬†James M. Sanderson in many ways was a pioneer¬†during the civil war.¬† His idea to educate men who were on the field about basic cooking and food sanitary skills is pretty amazing.¬†¬†It is no surprise to me the vast amounts of coffee was consumed during the civil war, after all it’s¬†a excellent source of caffeine and for staying¬†up.¬†Fast forward to the present,¬†I was watching a show just yesterday about the elections that are approaching, it’s so ironic¬†that the anchor referred to¬†huge urban cities like New York City as “Starbucks Nation”.¬† He was spot on, I mean there is a Starbucks in our cafeteria, one across the street and two more locations just blocks from one another.¬† I believe that there is no longer blood running through veins of college students and professionals, but coffee!¬† I love a cup of ice coffee every now and then but I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I love iced tea. My favorite is the very fruity and floral teas, such as hibiscus passion fruit with a touch of fresh lemonade and lots of ice. It is both refreshing, delicious, filled with antioxidants,¬†helps t regulate blood pressure and is ¬†low on caffeine.

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