reflection on food art

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I was particularly interested in the decoration of our vegetables on our plates. I found it very interesting to see all these different colors combine to create this beautiful work of art. I consider food as an art because much thought and consideration goes into making a plate look good and appetizing to the customers who are purchasing the food. When we were asked to design our plates with our vegetables i though what shapes or image could i create with this vegetables and which colors would i combine to make my plate look good and presentable. This is what i came up with, When people look at this they may see something different but what i was envisioning was a clock.
I particularly like the way i have placed the pearl onions in the four corners of the plate,giving it a four sided shape. The joy and excitement i got when i finally came up with this design on my plate is explainable i didn’t know that food could bring out my creative side and i am glade i got to design something amazing.

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