Week 11: The New American Dustbowl: Documenting California’s Drought

First of all, U.S is a huge country. It’s hard to know exactly what is going on if you’re not in California. Even people in southern California does not know much about things happening in northern California. Drought in California is becoming more serious as time goes by and the state government is doing their best to solve the problem. For a long time, people were not aware, or at least did not care about the drought, but these days, they started to recognize the reality and try to solve the problem too. The Drought will have a huge impact on agricultural supply because the water is the key element for grains to grow.

Week 10 Discussion Topic: Robert Capa and the Greatest War Photograph

From my perspective, Capa’s photograph seems to be staged and it should be a problem if it was published. The most important role of the media is to deliver the facts to the public. It may worked for Capa to deliver the message to public regarding the cruelty of wars. However, when the photos that published are staged, the press is lying to the public by creating a story. When you stage a scene, no matter how hard a photographer tries, his own perspective adds in to the scene somehow, and it could deliver the wrong message to the public.

Week 9 Rock Star Food Behind the Scenes

The stories of unusual requests made by musicians are pretty well known to the public. The Items are varies from Billy Idol’s chocolate to Busta Rhyme’s condoms. Before the concerts, artists may feel extremely nervous because the concerts are where their hard works are going to be evaluated by thousands or audiences, and they might want something that can soothe themselves so they can give the best performance to the audience. And the items that were requested were not that hard to get. Except Maria Carey’s Dom Perignon.

Week 8 Photography and Special Effects in Early Film

From my perspective, the biggest difference between the photography and special effects are “movements.” Photography usually captures and shows the still moment of an object or a scene, and that is why it may be harder for photographers to imply their perspective into their works. On the other hand, special effects focuses on the movement of a subject. It may be more effective in terms of delivering the messages to the public.

Why Does It Look Delish?


This is french fries and fried chicken when I’m having some beer at a bar with my friends couple of weeks ago. The fried chicken is seasoned with Korean traditional hot sauce, and fries are just regular French fries. It may look like a just ordinary French fries with fried chicken, but the hot sauce makes huge difference. And last but not least, with a sip of beer, it just makes whole lot better.

Subway portraits

Subway is a very interesting area. Even if you take subway at the same place at same time everyday, you get to see different people every time, and it never gets bored to peep at the people around me. People read newspaper, play games, listen to music, or just lost in a daydream. Sometimes people beg for money, some people give them money, while others try to ignore them. Millions people with different lifestyles take subway and it never gets bored, because even if most of the people look tired, or maintain expressionless faces, you still can feel the energy of their lives. I think Walker Evans also felt the same way and he wanted to record the energy of the people at that time, and tell the story to the people in the future. Probably that’s why he published his photographs 25 years later.

Picturing Breakfast

Breakfast is very important. Especially for the children who grow up extremely fast and need various nutrition. There have been numerous research analyses that emphasize the importance of breakfast. Probably the biggest obstacle that keep people away from having breakfast is that there isn’t enough time for breakfast in the morning. Parents have to get ready to go to work, wake their kids up , pack their lunch, chase them to get ready on time for the school bus. On the other hand, children have to get ready to school with their eyes still half closed, being chased by their parents. Furthermore, it’s rare to have a healthy breakfast that tastes good. You just put something in your mouth while dressing up and mumble, simply because you have to. A car needs fuel to start the engine. Just like cars, it is essential for human to provide fuel(food) to start a day. There are still lots of obstacles to overcome, but it shouldn’t be neglected.


Documenting Spiritualism

Since the vitalization of photography, people started to use cameras for various purposes, from family photos, daily lives, to artistic activities. At first, there were lots of criticism against photography from painters, but as time goes by, people started to appreciate the stories that photography provides, and it’s one of the most desirable fields of art these days. Artists want to tell their stories through their art pieces, which can be extremely subjective, but still it could mean even extremely unsociable artists also value the communication with the audiences. Documenting spiritualism might sound convincing to people who believes it, but it seems to have not enough power to attract the audiences, in other words, lack of communications with the audiences. I would stay open minded towards documenting the religious rituals, but Shannon and few others’ “spiritual experiences” should not be considered as an art. At least I failed to listen to whatever she was trying to say through her pictures.