Picturing Breakfast

Breakfast is very important. Especially for the children who grow up extremely fast and need various nutrition. There have been numerous research analyses that emphasize the importance of breakfast. Probably the biggest obstacle that keep people away from having breakfast is that there isn’t enough time for breakfast in the morning. Parents have to get ready to go to work, wake their kids up , pack their lunch, chase them to get ready on time for the school bus. On the other hand, children have to get ready to school with their eyes still half closed, being chased by their parents. Furthermore, it’s rare to have a healthy breakfast that tastes good. You just put something in your mouth while dressing up and mumble, simply because you have to. A car needs fuel to start the engine. Just like cars, it is essential for human to provide fuel(food) to start a day. There are still lots of obstacles to overcome, but it shouldn’t be neglected.


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