Documenting Spiritualism

Since the vitalization of photography, people started to use cameras for various purposes, from family photos, daily lives, to artistic activities. At first, there were lots of criticism against photography from painters, but as time goes by, people started to appreciate the stories that photography provides, and it’s one of the most desirable fields of art these days. Artists want to tell their stories through their art pieces, which can be extremely subjective, but still it could mean even extremely unsociable artists also value the communication with the audiences. Documenting spiritualism might sound convincing to people who believes it, but it seems to have not enough power to attract the audiences, in other words, lack of communications with the audiences. I would stay open minded towards documenting the religious rituals, but Shannon and few others’ “spiritual experiences” should not be considered as an art. At least I failed to listen to whatever she was trying to say through her pictures.

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