Photographing food texture

One of the things that people do first when they are about to try a new restaurant is to look up the pictures of food from or any other sites that contains the pictures of food that the restaurants serve. The reason why people do it is because they want to get as much information as they can. Texture of a food in a picture provides various information to customers. The picture I took is strawberry shaved ice that I had couple of months ago. The strawberries are very red, shiny, and sugar powder on top of strawberry looks very smooth. From these information, we can assume that the strawberries are very fresh, and it’s very sweet. Most of pictures of food are used to enhance their “texture” and maximize the imagination of customers so that it can stimulate their consumer sentiment. However, sometimes it is more effective when they photograph a texture that hard to guess. From the picture of strawberry shaved ice, the white flour looking powder in the base layer is actually the ice. Now, when people find out that it was shaved ice, the two different textures, (smoothness and coolness) are going to be added together vaguely, just enough to stimulate their curiosity. As mentioned above, photograph of a food texture can provide numerous information, and it’s our jobs to use it wisely to promote our product to customers.photo01

Food or Coffee

These days, coffee became the most popular drink to start a day. People need to have a cup of a coffee before starting their work, and drink constantly throughout the day. However, is cup of coffee that important that it became a alternative option for “food”? Some people around me would choose coffee instead of having a sandwich or pizza for lunch. Their reasons vary. They do not have enough time, heavy Breakfast, rather enjoy relaxing moment with a cup of coffee than going to a hectic restaurant. For me, I choose food without any hesitation. I do appreciate the good smell of coffee and its taste. It really soothes me, but not as much as I love my other “food” options. From my perspective, coffee can be categorized under dessert, or appetizer. They say coffee also has variety of smell and taste, but you can’t compare it to other foods’ variations such as fired calamari, steak, pizza, and numerous desserts that I do not even know their names. During Civil war, coffee became so important because it might be the only time that soldiers could forget about the tragic war and be comforted. However, since I’m not in a war, I choose food. Coffee is nothing more than just one of my favorite drinks.

Taking pictures of food

People around me love to take pictures of their food, which I do not understand at all. In fact, for me, the most exciting moment in the restaurant is when my food is ready and I’m about to eat the delicious dish. However, almost every time, my friends ruin the best part of my mealtime by thrusting their cameras between my food and my fork. They go through a serious angle and lighting calculation process before taking pictures with their iphones. After waiting for them to go through all the hassle, then they “let” me eat my food. My friends claim that they take pictures because they want to share their memories with their friends and families. Very few of them take pictures to promote their own recipes, and I do not have any problems with that because they do it when they are alone, not causing any trouble. As a person who is skeptical about sharing mere trifles with others, “just want to let everyone know that I had a good steak” part does not make sense at all. Nevertheless, I try to respect other people’s preferences. Just don’t make everybody on the table to wait for you to take pictures.