Week 12 Hands up don’t shoot

All these recent events are just emphasizing on how hypocrite Americans are in general. I feel like right now the entire world is pointing fingers and laughing at us for trying to promote “world peace” in other countries and continents while we are the ones that need help the most. I feel like communism in the USA worst that  communism in North Korea even though we don’t say it. We are the first ones to talk about our rights and whatnot, but as we can see in Olson’s pictures, the moment people try to protest, tear gases were thrown at them. Looking at these pictures and comparing them to happened in Kent State, I think that the United States still has along way to go before talking about peace.

Week 11 The New American Dustbowl

I think that both these pictures and FSA pictures are similar because they were taken in similar situations. Watching the video made me realized that we are abusing and damaging our soils. We can’t just expect things to grow abundantly just by adding water and fertilizing the soils, we need to let it rest. I feel like it is similar to the human body, you can’t eat the same things everyday and  expect your body to be healthy. You’ll definitively have some kind of deficiency. Same thing with sleep and rest. I feel like at this rate we are heading the 1930’s dustbowl again. Americans aren’t really aware of this because of fast food chains like McDonald, Wendy’s and so on.. We all know that eating is right expensive, but don’t really know why, so some of us rely on junk food as they are less expensive and fill you faster, and don’t really care about the rest.

week 10 The greatest War Photographs

I remember how chaotic the class was when we first talked about Robert Capa’s  ” Death in Spain” .  I always ask myself the same question after viewing war photographs : ” is it that easy to watch someone die in front of you?” . Although I personally do not approve of some of the pictures, I think that they are the only way we can remember the soldiers that lost their lives in wars. I think that his pictures are authentic because I think that after the death of his girlfriend, Capa didn’t really see the importance of living anymore, so he put himself in all kind of dangerous situations. Even if some of his pictures were staged, he died while actually taking new pictures of the war.

week 9 Famous musicians quirky demands

For some reasons I couldn’t control my facial expression while reading this article. Do not get me wrong because I think that the pictures are great, but they felt a little bit exaggerated to me. It’s just things we see in our daily lives, but because of how they were plated was a little bit weird to me because I think that he was trying to say something along the line “hey let me show you how crazy musicians actually are”. Although I have to say that some of the requests like “cornstarch and a cup of butter”, are totally absurd I can not really judge them because we all have our own fetishes and whatnot. I think that the three most disturbing pictures from the list are: Nine Inch Nails( depends on how you view it), Busta Rhymes’ , and Billy Idol. I think the artist did a great job with the lightening and pros to show a side of musicians that we don’t really know, and maybe it is he way of saying that no one is perfect.

week 8 Photography in early film

You can not judge a book by its cover. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the title “Le Voyage Dans La Lune”, was “oh really?? this is so not going to be fun”, but I found myself while watching the video. The video, was very detail because he used a lot of animated pictures, and combined them with videos (not really sure how he did that). I was especially impressed by the moon. Basically in the movie the moon is kind of like person, and from afar you can not really distinguished its facial features, but once you get close you can really see them. I love how He changed the image of the moon to someone that actually got hurt in the face when they finally arrived there. Overall, i think that the movie was really fun to watch compared to all the movies we’ve actually watched in class ( there was a lot of creepy ones).

subway portraits

I am personally not interested in taking pictures in the subway because I don’t want to get hurt by some individual who might be interested in my phone or ipod and whatnot.  While I might try to take pictures on the subway for fun ( probably wanting to take pictures of rats ), I think Walker was trying to capture the gloominess on people’s face in that particular era. When you think about it , the subway is one of those places where even though there is a lot people, you get a sense of privacy because whether you are smiling, crying, or look really mad, no one will dare ask you any question. I think that Walker was well aware of that, and I noticed that he only took pictures of adults on the subway maybe because it was the only place they could actually think seriously without having to worry their kids, and so on. Walker’s approach on photography is really interesting to me in a sense that I think that he wanted to show people’s various expression in the subway, because he knew that the depression was going to be over one day anyways and people would probably have different facial expressions. Even though Walker took another approach on photography, the fact that he sneakingly took the pictures is a little too much…

picturing breakfast!


looking at these pictures, made me hungry! I’m one of those people that skip breakfast because I cannot eat in the morning. I know that breakfast is essential and all that but I can do without (most of the time), so I kind of felt ashamed looking at the pictures of kids eating breakfast because their diet. I only have breakfast when my mom forces me, and most of the time I cannot eat things like: pancakes and syrup, cold cereal and all those sugary stuffs. When I think of the calories in a typical American breakfast, it makes me want to stay away from it because I feel like the amount of calories they have is more than half of the amount of calories we are supposed to consume daily. When I do have Breakfast, I usually have maybe scrambled eggs, or hot milk and rarely yogurt, but I have seen people eating chicken, french fries, pizza and other greasy stuff in the morning and i think that that’s totally sick (but hey! who am I to judge?! I’m sure that there is someone somewhere that probably thinks that the fact that I skip breakfast is insane or something.

Week 5 (HGMT 1204 sec D482 Prof Jjacus)

Puff pastry

puff pastry demonstration:

1) rolling detrempe into a rectangle, 2)covering 2/3 of the dough with butter mixture(beurrage) 3) folding and turning, 4) perfect book fold

egg bread soft rolls

egg bread soft rolls

forming  the dough into a single and double knot was a little bit tricky, but fun! thanks Professor Jjacus for always encouraging us even though we are super clumsy ^^


I don’t know what to think of these pictures…. most of the pictures looked blurry to me maybe because I can’t relate to them or because I am not open minded enough?! I personally don’t believe that one can actually capture spirits in a photograph because it seems absurd. I  don’t personally believe in the credibility of those spiritual pictures because I can do the same thing with my phone. I can intentionally blur out images I don’t want people to see with most smartphones nowadays. For me to believe in something like that, I actually have to be there and experience it myself.

food texture

shaved iced , tapioca bubbles, passion fruit , lychee and green apple popsFood texture an important factor  when it comes down to what I want to eat and not, but it can not be hundred percent trusted. the picture above, is a picture of shaved ice with tapioca bubbles,with lychee, passion fruit, and green apple pops, and even though there is a lot of contrast in the texture it tasted great! i would usually not eat anything like this because when you think about the crunchiness of the shaved ice, mixed with the chewiness of the tapioca bubbles in your mouth gives you this strange feeling. Once you get pass the assumption, it actually tastes great.In a sense i think that we should look beyond what our eyes can actually see….