Week 13 Hands up Don’t shoot

By reading the article based on the ferguson protest, starting off by saying that these photographers really put their lives in danger because they have police that are very strong armed and in any shot being fired you can die. Comparing it kent state I believe that in both ways photographers that specialize themselves with this risk their lives to show us what goes on around the world.

Week 11, The New American Dust Bowl

By looking at the short film about California’s agriculture, I realized that this issue has gone to an extreme, it is really sad, there really isn’t any water in that land, everyday it is dryer and dryer and it doesn’t rain at all. Sometimes we may fear what is gonna happen next, is there going to be enough vegetables and fruits for everyone in the world? I also noticed that all the pictures were in black and white and they look so real because the people in the picture don’t notice that they are being photographed.

Rock Star Food Behind the Scenes

By looking at these pictures I realized that theres so much art that we can do with our own food and how famous it could even become if you wanted to. Out of all of them the most interesting one was Britney Spears with the combination of fish and chips with cheeseburgers without buns and figs with a picture of Diana on the side. Its interesting the combinations of food to describe a celebrity.

Photography and special effects in early film

As I watched the video Le Voyage Dans La Luna it seems to be an animated type of film. I thought that it was a fun film to watch because it keeps you trying to find out whats going on because the characters in the film aren’t speaking. I noticed that since this film is made as film camera the camera captures each point of angle and it moves within the characters movement. In comparison with early photography the camera would just stay in one angel and the characters won’t move away from the camera and its angle.


Do people really think about breakfast when they have to wake up at 5am and catch the train by 6am? Hmm well the thing they consider as breakfast would be coffee a yogurt to eat it at their way to work or class. As many would know breakfast is the most important meal of the day because thats whats going to keep you in full strength till your next meal that would be lunch or dinner. I usually get a cup of coffee and add some cream to it and that will be till I get something better to eat later on. But lets say if I have the time to make some breakfast I will definitely make some pancakes eggs and bacon and that meal will keep you starting your day the best way possible. I think breakfast can be used in many ways as fun to eat, but some people don’t like to have such a heavy breakfast because maybe they won’t digest it properly because its too early.IMG_0256

Food or Coffee?

I would definitely decide on food, because you have more energy because your body is containing a lot of protein and starches that are giving your body strength to move on. Coffee on the other hand will energize you but at some point it will stop helping. In middle school I had an english teacher who told me that when you drink coffee in the morning your brain tends to not work as it usually would. So that wouldn’t be a good idea for some of us. But it is a great helper after you wake up and have a hot cup of dark coffee. Based on the article, I read that the soldiers wouldn’t cook because usually the females would do that for them but the way they kept themselves with energy was eating proteins and starches as an example of potatoes and meat.

Skirt Steak & Mashed Potatoes

Skirt Steak & Mashed Potatoes

Taking pictures of food

When it comes to taking selfies everyones phone is full of them but when it comes to my phone there are more pictures of food than of myself and the other parts would be of words and sayings. But food is the main thing on my phone. I love to take pictures of food when the food is well represented and well organized. I find it creative and just fun. I can almost have my own blog of food because if I go to lets say a restaurant I take pictures of everything. These pictures are memories of so much food that we have eaten all our life. I suggest everyone to do so because its part of something really fun and creative.