Homework #9 Robert Frank

After viewing Robert frank photo during the video that was shown it was clear to me that there were some artistic views in his eyes that he have seen however it didn’t amazed me. For a man who is Jewish from Switzerland he has never seen anything like this when he got to America seeing separation though color of race  amazed him only seeing the same color race in Switzerland during his time. The picture he have taken were normal photos to me that any one would of taken. What I do find fascinating is the meaning and purpose on why Robert frank would take these photos of blacks and whites who are separated from society where it shows a sign of confusion not for the people who are looking at his photograph but for the people who are in it where there was one photo of a black woman holding a white baby girl which showed to me and also to Robert frank what he wanted his viewers to know were if they trust a black woman with there baby then it doesn’t make sense for them not to sit next to each other on the same bus or restaurant and also school. This was the confusion that got to me which I found fascinating for him to go deeper in to the meaning of separation though color in America.

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